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5 Largest Game Development Companies Become Forte Taps Partners

The gaming industry is actively using blockchain technology to develop new high-end solutions. The implementation of the blockchain in games solves many user problems, such as establishing full control over the game account, strengthening the protection of digital data and others.

Many of the biggest gambling sharks are interested in collaborating with Forte Tabs, a company that specializes in creating blockchains and is a partner of Ripple. This company is interested in improving the product, both for gamers and developers.

Which companies have become Forte’s new gaming partners?

According to the latest data, Forte began cooperation with large game development companies. Among them were Hi-Rez Studios and nWay (USA), Magmic (Canada), DECA Games and Netmarble (Germany).

One of the key conditions for cooperation is the implementation of the Forte blockchain platform. Companies should test the developed blockchain technology at one of their games and highlight their strengths and weaknesses. This solution opens up great opportunities for gamers, as they can use their gaming experience and skills to generate additional income. The massive introduction of the blockchain platform can begin a new era in the gaming industry, based on decentralization and transparency of conditions.

For the development of the gaming industry, just a blockchain is not enough

According to Forte, the integration of blockchain technologies will be able to solve many problems that are in the gaming industry. But blockchain platforms will not be able to close all the “sharp corners” that remain in the gaming industry, such as the lack of demand among gamers, and partial dependence on centralized servers

“Relying on blockchain technology alone is not enough if the gaming industry wants to reach a new level. It is necessary to attract experienced players, thanks to which it is possible to strengthen the technological side of blockchain-based games.”

Josh Williams, Forte’s CEO, has high hopes for Forte to partner with the world’s largest game developers. He is convinced that the result of joint work will be the creation of exciting gaming processes and the growing popularity of new gaming products among gamers.

“Forte’s main goal, along with partners, is to create a robust gaming space ecosystem. We must solve the problems that hinder developers and gamers. ”

To access the Forte blockchain platform, you must leave a request. The platform is based on open source, which does not require a license to sell or distribute. Also, this blockchain platform simplifies transactions between users.

The good news is that on March 12, Forte and Xpring decided to allocate $100 million to support and popularize the gaming industry, as well as to improve the monetization of the gameplay.

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