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80% Of Institutional Investors Have Positive Attitude To Cryptocurrencies: The Survey Data

Fidelity Digital Assets conducted a large-scale study, the main task of which was to find out the level of institutional investors’ loyalty to digital currencies. The results turned out to be promising: more than 80% of the investors surveyed positively evaluate cryptocurrency and are considering the possibility of acquiring it in the future.

The survey involved more than 800 institutional investors from different countries of Europe and America. Among them were both large players in the investment market and novice businessmen. The survey showed that a third of respondents already have crypto assets in their portfolios. Most of them made bets on the purchase of Bitcoin, about 11% of them are owners of Ethereum.

Some respondents said they were ready to allocate a place in their investment portfolios for cryptocurrency. They have so far taken the position of “observers” of the cryptocurrency market behavior and do not discard the possibility of buying crypto-assets like the digital market scales.

Why is cryptocurrency increasingly attracting investors?

Many of the institutional investors surveyed are optimistic about cryptocurrency due to the advantages that are inherent in this asset. In particular, this is the decentralization of management and storage of digital currency, low transaction fees. Unlike traditional assets, cryptocurrency ownership implies a high probability of obtaining good profit in a relatively short time.

There is another side to the coin: cryptocurrency remains among risky assets, and despite all the advantages, there are some aspects that stop investors from buying Bitcoin right now. Analyzing the results of the survey, Fidelity Digital Assets President Tom Jessop noted:

“Investors are concerned about the high volatility of the cryptocurrency rate, so they are hampering the purchase of a particular cryptocurrency and are eyeing the digital market. But this problem has a solution, and we are proud that we have the opportunity to become part of improving the ecosystem of the crypto industry. ”

A Fidelity al poll also showed how locally the level of interest in cryptocurrency differs. More than 45% of investors who own crypto assets are in Europe, while in the USA only 27% of investors have cryptocurrency in their portfolios.