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A New Bitfury Program For Bitcoin Mining: Something New On The Market - Binaryx

A New Bitfury Program For Bitcoin Mining: Something New On The Market

Mining Bitcoin has always been positioned as an activity that is not accessible to everyone and has been shrouded in many open questions and dark spots. Bitfury decided to try to transform mining as a manufacturing process and make it more transparent and accessible to institutional investors.

Bitfury’s ambitious investor program

Bitfury, a company that specializes in hardware for mining, has developed a program with which investors can directly participate in Bitcoin mining. This program is quite ambitious, and according to the creators in the long term, it can provide a significant increase in profits to its participants.

The essence of the program is that both individuals and large corporations can invest in mining infrastructure. Bitfury takes responsibility to control all operations related to mining and providing technical support for data centers. Bitfury called the key advantage of the Bitcoin mining transparency program: investors can monitor the number of generated new blocks at any time and thereby can predict with great accuracy the profit they receive.

Bitfury is a fairly large player in the cryptocurrency market. The company began to function in 2011 and during this time managed to gain trust among institutional investors and become an ardent advocate and advocate of blockchain technology. With this program, Bitfury management expects to attract a new flow of investors who are now interested in digital currency. This program can be an alternative to buying Bitcoin futures.

How can Bitfury affect the crypto industry as a whole?

Valery Vavilov, the Bitfury`s founder, sees great prospects in implementing a program for institutional investors. He believes that in this way, it is possible to minimize the risks of problems that are characteristic of the crypto industry, such as the issue of security of data transfer, the presence of a high level of volatility of crypto assets, and others. In a recent interview, Vavilov noted:

“The Bitfury project promotes Bitcoin as a reliable asset and fuels the interest in the crypto industry from influential dollar millionaire investors. This program can bring big profits to investors, while they don’t need to delve into the process of technical support of mining infrastructure.”

Thus, the program from Bitfury can open up great opportunities for investors and become a new stage in the development of the crypto industry.