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About 55% Of US Investors Are Interested In Buying Bitcoin: Grayscale report - Binaryx

About 55% Of US Investors Are Interested In Buying Bitcoin: Grayscale report

Bitcoin as an investment tool is attracting more and more attention, and statistics for 2020 speak volumes about this. What does a potential Bitcoin investor look like, what drives him in choosing crypto and how old is he?

Investment interest in Bitcoin increased by 19%

Grayscale has researched to provide an idea of ​​the prevailing investor sentiment towards Bitcoin. The findings were published in the “Bitcoin Investor Study”.

The research was based on the results of an online survey conducted by 8 Acre Perspective between June and July. The survey involved 1,000 US residents aged 25 to 64. More than half of the respondents positively assessed Bitcoin as an investment tool and announced their readiness to include the flagship crypto in their portfolio.

The Grayscale report noted:

We see an upward trend in investment interest in Bitcoin. If the number of respondents interested in Bitcoin was 32% in 2019, this figure reached 55% in 2020.

The 19% increase in investment interest is a continuation of last year’s trend towards increased demand for Bitcoin. For the purity of this study, Grayscale surveyed 1,000 US residents in the same age bracket and financial level as in 2019. The respondents were people who have opportunities for personal investment in the amount of 10,000 US dollars and with a minimum income of 50,000 US dollars and more.

As a result, 83% of respondents who expressed confidence in Bitcoin in 2019 invested in cryptocurrency over the next 12 month.

If at the beginning of its journey, Bitcoin was viewed primarily as a tool for a narrow circle of investors, now we see a tendency to expand the target audience by attracting institutions. Overall, overall awareness of digital currencies increased in 2020, with 62% of investors indicating that they are “familiar” with Bitcoin, up 9% from 2019.

What does a potential Bitcoin investor look like?

Based on the survey data, Grayscale compiled a profile of a potential Bitcoin investor. These are mainly men between the ages of 24 and 35, who are constantly looking for new financial opportunities and are considering several areas for investment at once. Among investors, persons with a graduate degree prevail: 29% of them have a Master’s degree, 22% have completed a Bachelor’s degree, and only 17% have no graduate education. 

There are also women among investors who show interest in Bitcoin, but to a lesser extent. Of the 46% of current Bitcoin investors, 15% are women.

COVID-19 Becomes a Driver for Investing in Bitcoin

As an additional stimulus for the growth of interest in Bitcoin, the pandemic has become. The nervousness in financial markets since March has played into the hand of Bitcoin. That is indicative of the statistics: 38% of the total number of Bitcoin investors purchased crypto in the last 4 months. Lack of correlation with global financial markets, limited emission, and independence from the regulator, according to the respondents, are the factors that determine their choice in favor of Bitcoin as a hedge asset.

Once again, I am commenting on information about BTC. That is the main asset that should be in the portfolio of everyone interested in investing. Yesterday the price reached 13800 per USD, and it is not far from the peak of 2017 🙂 But you have to be careful since the 5th Elliott wave on the hourly time-frame has come to end; perhaps now we will go for a small correction, and there is no need to buy BTC right now. You need to wait a bit and then make a decision.

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