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About 90% Of All Bitcoins Have Already Been Mined - Binaryx

About 90% Of All Bitcoins Have Already Been Mined

The limited emission of Bitcoin heats the competition among miners. How many Bitcoins are left, and how can this affect the price of the flagship cryptocurrency?

Deficit of Bitcoin

The limit of 21 million Bitcoins does not seem so distant anymore, because about 18.5 million BTC has already been mined. It was announced on his Twitter page by ChartBTC. Thus, only 2.5 million BTC remains to be mined, which is slightly more than 11% of the total planned emission of the flagship cryptocurrency.

Some analysts believe that the Bitcoins available for mining is even lower. As an argument, they point to the presence of so-called “lost Bitcoins”, which are blocked on crypto-addresses due to the loss of access to them.

ChartBTC has estimated that around 1.5 million BTC will be mined over the next 4 years. If we take into account the rate of generation of new blocks and a halving of the reward every approximately 4 years, the last Bitcoin will be mined before 2140. It will be the point of no return for Bitcoin issuance.

Why did the third halving become unique?

According to experts from Crypto Valley, the third Bitcoin halving, which took place in May 2020, changed the attitude towards the flagship cryptocurrency. Of course, the pandemic played an important role in this. People began to view Bitcoin as a personal “digital bank” with which to store their savings.

2020 saw an unprecedented surge in interest in Bitcoin from institutional investors. Demand drives the financial market, so analysts are convinced that with an increase in the Bitcoin deficit, the price of the crypto asset will rise.