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Altcoins Have Risen In Price And Are Determined To A Bullish Trend - Binaryx

Altcoins Have Risen In Price And Are Determined To A Bullish Trend

This week, altcoins have once again proved that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that can bring good profit with the right trading strategy. As it turned out, all methods are good for increasing the price of altcoins: viral advertising in the popular Tik-Tok, development of convenient applications for crypto-exchange, stagnation of Bitcoin, and much more. It is all in our article today.

Altcoins pulled ahead

While Bitcoin is in the price plateau and cannot bounce off the level of $9,300, altcoins close this week with an increase. In particular, the bulls pushed Ethereum forward, and the price of the crypto asset increased by 7% in 7 days. XRP market indicators have also improved: cryptocurrency is trading with an increase of 16% today. Other altcoins also picked up a wave of an uptrend: Cardano (ADA) grew by 34%, Chainlink (LINK) by 30%.

Dogecoin became the star this week thanks to the distribution of the popular Tik-Tok challenge to support the coin. This marketing move perceived by the audience very friendly and received the effect of a bomb: as a result, the price of Dogecoin increased by 79%.

Why has the demand for altcoins skyrocketed?

Several significant factors fuel the interest in altcoins among participants in the cryptocurrency market. Firstly, it is worth noting the well-thought-out technical base, which helps altcoin owners to complete transactions and control their crypto account without any problems. We are talking about mobile applications that have simplified the purchase of altcoins as much as possible. For example, you can buy Ethereum, XRP, or other altcoins and pay for the purchase with your credit card.

Today, a big stir has formed around the startup Crypto.com. The creators of this project announced the development of a payment card for cryptocurrency, the owners of which will be able to transfer coins to fiat funds and vice versa. It is a project with great ambitions, which can change the attitude towards digital currency, make it more open and understandable for every absolute person. Crypto.com. It has great prospects and can revolutionize the infrastructure of traditional cash transactions.

Cryptocurrency can perfectly play its part in those shortcomings that the traditional banking system has. In particular, this applies to international transactions, which often take place with time delays. The ability of a digital currency to eliminate these troubles is an excellent trigger for large participants in the financial market. Who knows, maybe banks, in order not to miss a significant percentage of consumers, will review their policies and create a system for crypto transfers in the future.