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  • An Unknown Person Has Moved Over $11 Million Worth Of “Sleeping” Bitcoins From 2010
An Unknown Person Has Moved Over $11 Million Worth Of

An Unknown Person Has Moved Over $11 Million Worth Of “Sleeping” Bitcoins From 2010

1,000 Bitcoins of the “Satoshi era” first came to move after 10 years of storage. Is it really someone from Satoshi’s team that owns them? Or maybe this is the work of the “father of cryptocurrency” himself? 

Moving $11M of Satoshi era Bitcoins

Large transactions are not unusual in the cryptocurrency community. But of particular interest is always the movement of Bitcoins of the so-called “Satoshi era”, which includes digital coins mined at the “dawn” of cryptocurrency. As a rule, these Bitcoins are stored on crypto-addresses for years, and only from time to time, their owners make themselves felt.

Similar activity was recorded today, October 12. An unknown user transferred 1000 Bitcoins for the first time, which has not been included in the turnover since it was mined in 2010. At the current exchange rate, this amount is estimated at $11,425,000.

If the owner of these Bitcoins wanted to sell them, he would have hit a real jackpot. Over 10 years of storage, the price of the flagship cryptocurrency has grown almost 100,000 times: in 2010, the value of Bitcoin was about 10 cents, while now it is trading just above $11,000. Thus, the unknown holder of the “Satoshi era” Bitcoins could now make a colossal profit.

Some crypto enthusiasts speculate that these Bitcoins may belong to someone from Satoshi Nakamoto’s entourage. The “father of cryptocurrency” disappeared back in 2010, provoking a storm of speculation and controversy.

Many blank spots remain in this event. Why exactly is the transfer of previously inactive Bitcoins made, who does it belong to, and can this affect the price movement of the flagship crypto?

In particular, strategist Hans Hauge commented on the news about the movement of the Bitcoins mined in 2010. He believes that the transfer of 1,000 Bitcoins against the background of daily billions of transactions on the Bitcoin network will not be able to significantly affect the price of the flagship crypto. However, he urged miners of the Satoshi era to make more informed decisions regarding the movement of sleeping Bitcoins, so as not to frighten off the crypto market.

Moving coins does not affect technical analysis or trading in any way, unless, of course, this is a sale of the entire volume, so I will not talk about any recommendations. It is worth paying attention to this, probably, for those who do not yet have Bitcoin available, and investors should also think about it, because the numbers speak for themselves. If you are a completely newbie and do not know where to start, go to our academy and start training.