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Anthony Pompliano Сommented on The Recent Warren Buffett's Opinion in Solely Negative Terms - Binaryx

Anthony Pompliano Сommented on The Recent Warren Buffett’s Opinion in Solely Negative Terms

Meanwhile, crypto-community continues discussing the negative statements of the famous billionaire Warren Buffett about digital assets, serving as the backdrop to the cost of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies was reduced.

During a charity event, CEO of the TRON crypto project Justin Sun won the right to have dinner with a businessman. As part of the meeting, the specialist wanted to change the investor’s opinion on digital assets. According to the head of the startup, during dinner, he handed over to the billionaire a certain amount of BTC and TRON.

However, in a recent CNBC interview, Warren Buffett denied that he owns any cryptocurrencies. The billionaire also drew attention to the fact that dinner did not change his attitude to bitcoin and other digital assets. In his opinion, you can’t put a price on the cryptocurrencies.

A negative statement about digital assets by a well-known businessman was commented by Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital. According to him, Warren Buffett’s opinion is not thorough, since the billionaire, as he believes, did not understand the technology of cryptocurrencies and their potential.

Despite the fact that soon all the currencies of central banks will become digital, says Pompliano, bitcoin still surpasses them all, since it is not a digitized version of a relic of the past.

Recently, one of the world’s largest investors, Warren Buffett, again emphasized his rejection of cryptocurrencies, but, as Anthony Pompliano stated, he would not trust Buffett one iota.

Well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast Anthony Pompliano, during an interview on CNN, emphasized that although Warren Buffett remains a respected investor, he would not have trusted him in investing in cryptocurrencies.

“I really don’t want to take any technology tips from a person who uses a clamshell phone and doesn’t use email,” said the cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Pompliano also touched on the recent news that testing of the state digital currency has begun in Sweden. If the pilot program is successful, then cryptocurrencies will firmly enter the lives of ordinary people.

Cryptocurrency enthusiast noted:

“All services will be digital. Now there is a competition of monetary policies and regulation. I think that the monetary policy of Bitcoin is superior to the regulatory documents of central banks, so the first cryptocurrency will win the competition. Bitcoin will someday become a global reserve currency. ”

Recall that recently Warren Buffett met with the founder of the Tron project Justin Sun, but this meeting did not affect the skepticism of the investor in relation to cryptocurrencies.

In an interview with CNN, Morgan Creek co-founder and avid Bitcoin supporter Anthony Pompliano said he would not buy XRP coins. Of all the cryptocurrencies, the businessman singled out only BTC and emphasized that he did not believe in the prospects of other projects.

By purchasing a particular digital asset (not Bitcoin), you make the same investment, as these are all technological projects similar to each other. However, the only and promising asset is only Bitcoin.

Touching upon the topic of investments in XRP, Pompliano said that investors may not invest directly in this token. They have the opportunity to invest in other Ripple products – for instance, xRapid and xCurrent.

The cost of XRP is formed by speculation. This project is centralized, and there are players who can influence it.

At the end of the interview, Pompliano said that half of his capital has already been invested in bitcoin. However, the businessman refused to say exactly how much BTC he controls.

According to him, mining is rapidly shifting to renewable energy sources. That is why bitcoin mining is becoming an environmentally friendly enterprise, unlike other sectors of the economy.

The key driver of BTC growth is the fact that more and more investors are beginning to perceive the first cryptocurrency as an asset-refuge, Pompliano summed up.

Pompliano also spilled the beans about the controversial Bitcoin price growth policy. While stocks and securities lend themselves to traditional analysis, bitcoin often completely ignores any attempts to curb the nature of its volatility.

At the same time, Pompliano does not believe that the current short-term drop in bitcoin is a signal of imminent collapse.

“For a long period of time, Bitcoin has been an uncorrelated asset. In times of global instability, geopolitical uncertainty, like coronavirus, etc., stocks, bonds, and gold react the way you expect them to. Bitcoin does not. And the fact that it [Bitcoin] is not going up is not a calamity. This is an uncorrelated asset, so it does exactly what it should do for your portfolio, ” said Pompliano.

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