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Tiffany Hayden: “I Do Not Longer Have Any of XRP” - Binaryx

“Backstage battles”: Former CEO of XRP Sells All of The Owned Ripple Assets Due to Constant Harassment

The Ripple community was discouraged by the news of Tiffany Hayden’s refusal to continue working with XRP digital currency. The former CEO of XRP explained her decision by saying that she is experiencing constant hostile attacks from Ripple supporters. As a result, Tiffany Hayden decided to sell all of her XRP assets and exit the Ripple community. 

Why did Tiffany Hayden decide to abandon XRP?

In the cryptocurrency market, many communities have formed that are grouped around a blockchain. Some of them have “strained”, hostile relations with their participants. A very striking example of inciting conflict within the community is Ripple.

Tiffany Hayden, who was previously one of the active supporters of the digital currency XRP, was hit by criticism. Community pressure has become so great that Tiffany Hayden decided to sell all of her XRP assets.

She commented on this situation on Twitter:

“I no longer have XRP. Discuss something else now ”

According to Tiffany, the negative reaction from the community was caused by her criticism of XRP. She noted that the blockchain has serious shortcomings that could adversely affect its functioning. The XRP community did not take criticism rationally and began to take measures that limited Tiffany’s rights on the blockchain.

The XRP community is involved in other conflicts

The hostility of the XRP community can be called a trend rather than a lonely case. This is evidenced by other events. A striking example is the exacerbation of the relationship between the platform and Ripple in 2018. presented information about the most famous members of the cryptocurrency communities. Joel Katz, CTO, was nominated as a Ripple representative. Everything would be fine, but Ripple reacted negatively to the message that the data published by Katz are for informational purposes only. As a result of the conflict, the platform completely abandoned the section with representatives of Ripple.

Ripple was also involved in another high-profile conflict. The cryptocurrency exchange received a class action lawsuit due to the popularization of dubious advertising. The question of ensuring a high level of security of digital currency also remains open.

Now it is impossible to accurately assess the scale of these events and their impact on the market condition of XRP. In the past few days, the cryptocurrency market has stabilized, so talking about the relationship between the XRP price and recent conflicts will be incorrect.

Over the past day, the price of XRP has declined. Market capitalization is 4.8% and equates to $ 8.96 billion. Over the past 24 hours, XRP has been sold for $ 2.85 billion.

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