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Best Litecoin Faucets Of 2021

There are special resources that allow earning cryptocurrency without spending money — cryptocurrency faucets. The first to appear were platforms for distributing bitcoins, or rather its “kopecks” — satoshi. A while later, similar platforms, but for other coins, have been created. Among others, Litecoin faucets have appeared. They distribute one hundred millionth parts of Litecoin — litoshi. For this purpose, you need to complete certain tasks. At the same time, there are many sites that sometimes do not even require registration. Let’s figure out, which Litecoin faucets are considered the best to earn free crypt in 2021.

What Litecoin faucets pay out for? 

Initially, crypto faucets served as a kind of an advertising platform for digital currencies. However, no one would ever massively distribute Litecoin for no reason. Therefore, LTC faucets, like other similar platforms, reward users for:

  • watching videos and banners with ads; 
  • clicking on sponsored links; 
  • visiting the faucet’s page or updating it at intervals. 

Sometimes platforms offer withdrawal of funds exclusively to specific payment services, thus contributing to their promotion. Crypto faucets frequently offer withdrawal of coins to FaucetHub, which uses faucets to promote itself. 

In general, Litecoin faucets are the easiest way to get tokens without special knowledge and investments. 

How does it work? 

Free LTC distribution is as follows:

  • the platform owner posts sponsored links or ads that users need to watch to earn coins;
  • users watch the videos or click on the links provided, thus increasing the number of views;
  • search engines, depending on the site traffic and duration of stay, position pages higher in the search results;
  • holders of crypto faucets receive money for the promotion of sponsored sites and the amount of ads posted. Part of the profit is distributed among LTC faucet users. 

In addition, faucets are an essential part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They promote digital currencies among new users. Therefore, every day thousands of people learn about popular tokens. 

What do you need to make money? 

Even first-time Internet users are able use the cryptocurrency faucet. All you need is a computer or a mobile device with Internet access, as well as the Litecoin wallet address to withdraw your honestly “clicked up” coins. To store funds, you can use a software wallet, cryptocurrency exchange or hardware wallet (for example, Ledger or Trezor). Furthermore, many faucets offer connection to the FaucetHub online storage to accept micropayments. Therefore, it pays to create a FaucetHub account. 

After all the preparations, you need to:

  • choose a faucet with large payouts (preferably, several at once);
  • find user reviews on the Internet and make sure that the faucet is honest;
  • go to the site and enter the LTC wallet number (or register to receive accumulative payouts);
  • fulfill the tasks and withdraw earned litoshi to your wallet.

However, you won’t earn much from a single site. To increase the profit, you need to watch ads or follow the links on 10-12 faucets simultaneously. For this reason, there are browser extensions available on the Internet, as well as aggregator sites — rotators. Their main feature is the availability of dozens of links to cryptocurrency faucets. Usage of such services is rather simple:

  1. Go to the rotator’s page.
  2. Fill in the Litecoin wallet number.
  3. Solve the captcha.

The rotator that offers a constantly updated list of faucets will work best. At the same time, some platforms offer users to select sites.

The advantages of rotators:

  1. A variety of faucets. This saves time while searching for platforms and eliminates the need to save a bunch of links to crypto faucets to get LTC.
  2. Permanent income. Moreover, the larger the number of faucets, the more earnings you get. If one platform yields 300 rubles a month, then 10 services will yield 3000 rubles. Feel the difference?
  3. Regular updates of rotator sites. Administrators remove from the list the platform that stopped paying out to users or deleted its page altogether.
  4. Better time consumption. You no longer need to surf the Internet for hours looking for a reliable faucet. Now it’s done by the rotator maker.
  5. Referral program. Similar to single crypto faucets, rotators also have an affiliate program. With its help, you can invite new users and receive a percentage from their earnings.

So, rotators allow you to earn much more coins than when you search for coins yourself. Though, faucets administrators block browser extensions and may even block an account for using them. Moreover, viruses often spread under the guise of plugins.  

How to withdraw money from the faucet to the wallet?

Litecoin faucets guarantee full confidentiality. Except for the LTC wallet address, nothing else is required. Moreover, crypto faucets do not require bank card details or verification. All operations take place within the Litecoin blockchain. 

Platforms with instant coin withdrawal automatically transfer the earned litoshi. The withdrawal is carried out to the wallet number specified during the registration. 

At the same time, accumulative-type platforms keep money on your account in your profile. When the minimum threshold is reached, the user can log into the profile and request the withdrawal. Money is transferred to the LTC wallet within 24 hours.

But sometimes the faucet happens not to withdraw the money. That said, you cannot force the platform owners to withdraw your honestly “clicked up” coins. Most often, this is typical of fraudulent platforms. Therefore, please read the reviews about the Litecoin faucet that interests you in advance. Pay special attention to posts with payout screenshots, which is a direct confirmation that the faucet has money.

Also please read the reviews of XRP and DOGE faucets on our website.

Varieties of Litecoin faucets 

Litecoin cryptocurrency faucets differ in terms of coins accrued and are divided into two types:

  1. Instant. In this case, the money is payed out to the LTC wallet after a while (from 1 minute to 24 hours).
  2. Accumulative. Payouts are made when the minimum threshold is reached. Prior to that, tokens are accumulated on the account in your profile.

Most often, miners prefer instant (discrete) faucets. The reason lies precisely in the nature of payouts. 

Best Litecoin faucets

Now let’s talk about the most popular Litecoin crypto faucets. Here is out TOP 7:


This faucet is part of the Moon Faucet multicurrency platform. Here you can earn free crypt by solving the captcha. Users can receive up to 1000 litoshi every 5 minutes, as well as increase their earnings up to 300% by taking advantage of the bonus system. Coins are withdrawn to a CoinPot wallet. To do this, you need to connect your account on this service when registering or enter the address of the LTC microwallet. 


Another multicurrency faucet, but with a bigger reward. Here you can earn up to 2500 litoshi every 5 minutes by entering the captcha. Coins are transferred directly to a Faucethub wallet. There you can also track your own platform income throughout all the time of usage. 


Here you can get a reward in Litecoin for solving the captcha or various solve tasks. In addition to LTC, this site also supports BTC, DASH and DOGE. Coins are withdrawn every 5 minutes. During this time, you can earn up to 2500 litoshi. 

In terms of additional tasks, TreasureBits also offers games, offer walls, and access to airdrop tokens. Furthermore, you can mine extra LTC using the web miner feature on the site. Honestly “clicked up” coins are transferred to a Faucethub microwallet. 

This cryptocurrency faucet allows generating free tokens once every 4 hours. The maximum income during this time period amounts to 888 litoshi. Although the waiting time is quite long, but the faucet is perfect for those, who do not want to spend a lot of time on the site. Besides, the platform also offers a daily lottery where you can earn more LTC. 

At the moment, the site has over 100,000 users and has so far processed more than seven million claims. The total amount paid out to date is about 6,000 USD. Payments are made through a Faucethub microwallet. 

Speedup Litecoin Faucet 

Speedup Litecoin Faucet allows users to earn free Litecoin by fulfilling various tasks. Litoshi are paid out for solving the captcha, solvemedia or playing games. The user can make a claim once every 10 minutes. For this the user earns up to 5000 litoshi (the amount is inclusive of 246 “kopecks” you can receive when playing the dice game on the site). 

Moreover, the site has a tiered bonus system that allows you to increase the amount of coins earned. It involves each user with more than 15 claims on the site. The top ten claimers of the week get to receive a fixed percentage of cumulative claims within the week. 

Another premium Litecoin faucet that allows earning free LTC by solving the captcha or playing games. You can earn up to 5000 litoshi once every 60 minutes, and the number of claims per day is unlimited. 

The crypto faucet also offers a very generous referral program. You can get 50% of your earnings for inviting a friend. Another plus of Free Litecoin is the absence of restrictions on the withdrawal of coins from the account. In addition, if you keep coins on your account in your profile, about 6% per annum is charged on them. Let’s admit, few sites can offer such conditions. And, of course, you can increase your profit. To do this, you can play simple games on the site (for example, dice game). 

Amber Litecoin 

Amber Litecoin offers to make claims of up 3300 litoshi of Litecoin every 5 minutes. However, the site has a limit of 5 claims per day. At the same time, you can earn 2500 litoshi only by entering a captcha. The earnings are transferred instantly to the Faucethub wallet. 

It doesn’t matter what way you prefer to earn coins — solve the captcha, play the dice game or just make claims with a certain period of time. You’ll always find a perfect LTC faucet for you. 

How to increase the earnings? 

As we already mentioned, there are many ways to get extra coins. For example, with the help of a referral program. Many platforms offer to generate personalized links to invite new users. They can be promoted through social media, on cryptocurrency forums, or in personal correspondence. In addition, you can get a good percentage of your referrals’ earnings. Therefore, if you make an effort, you can get much more from the referral program than from solving a captcha or endless viewing of promotional videos.  


Now let’s sum up. Litecoin faucets are not suitable for constant earnings in 2021, because their profitability is quite low. However, such platforms are perfect for exploring the world of digital coins. For serious earnings, it would be best to choose a mining farm assembly or cloud mining. And if you are ready to trade and invest in digital currencies, then welcome to the Binaryx cryptocurrency exchange. Here you can get profit by storing the assets, as well as buy and sell crypto.  

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