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Best Ripple Faucets of 2021: Review of Profitable Faucets

Cryptocurrency faucets allow earning some coins (including XRP) for simple actions – visiting a website with certain regularity or entering a captcha. These services enable to quickly get Ripple without spending money on its purchase. Therefore, even beginners can use such services. Ripple faucets are divided into accumulative and instant. In both cases, to get started, you need to fulfill two simple conditions – create a cryptocurrency wallet and register on the faucet’s website. Let’s figure out together what Ripple faucets are. 

What are Ripple faucets? 

Ripple faucets are special sites that reward users for fulfilling simple tasks (the common name we are used to “bounty programs”). Thus, users can get tokens for entering a captcha, watching a video or clicking on a link. However, the faucets’ income depends on traffic attraction, mainly through displaying ads. 

As we already mentioned, there are two types of Ripple faucets:

  • Instant. Here you can connect your own cryptocurrency wallet to accept the earned coins. Withdrawals can be done automatically or on demand. In addition, such faucets have no withdrawal threshold. Therefore, you can withdraw your hard-earned money cat any time;
  • Accumulative. For accumulative faucets, you can use exactly the same wallets as for instant ones. But there is one nuance – they have a minimum withdrawal amount. This means that you can withdraw money only when you have sufficient amount of Ripple on your account. In addition, these faucets offer decent one-time rewards and a lucrative referral program. However, only those platforms that actually have XPR on the account are compatible.

That said, the procedure for dealing with any Ripple faucet is practically the same:

  1. Complete a simple registration (or you can do without it at all).
  2. Add a cryptocurrency wallet.
  3. Fulfill tasks on the faucet’s website.
  4. Get coins to your account in your profile.
  5. When the minimum threshold is reached, withdraw your honestly “clicked up” coins to a third-party wallet. 

You can get the crypt even easier by using an instant faucet. You just need to insert your wallet address into a special field, enter the captcha and get your money. Moreover, registration is not always required. 

Faucets are primarily used by beginners who do not have enough money to start trading on the cryptocurrency exchange. For this reason, they accumulate funds on XRP faucets or other bounty programs. Since the coin has quite decent prospects and limitless potential, there is also a chance to make money on the exchange rate growth. Face it, it sounds good!

Therefore, our preliminary conclusion is as follows: you need an XRP wallet to earn coins on the Ripple faucet;

In addition, we recommend that you disable ADBlock, as the lion’s share of the reward depends on the ad view. 

If you did this all already and you are ready to make money, you can proceed to the next section. 

Ripple Faucets with Instant Withdrawal

Let’s say right away: there are very few faucets that are only tailored to receiving Ripple. There are plenty of multicurrency faucets that support this coin and offer instant payouts. We recommend that you have a look at the two most popular platforms.


This multicurrency faucet has been in operation since 2016. It also offers Ripple payouts. The main advantages are an intuitive interface and a possibility to determine the waiting time for collecting tokens. The daily request is limited to 40. 

The Forumcoin faucet offers to get from 0.0022 to 0.0027 at a time. Payouts are made to the ExpressCrypto wallet. In addition, the user can get additional coins for passing the CAPTCHA test. Clicking on the link opens an advertising site. Therefore, it is difficult to judge the results of such undertakings and actions.

Now let’s talk about the referral program. To join one, you need to create a link that will be used to register users by invitation. The platform offers up to 15% of your referrals’ earnings. Up to 40 referrals can be linked to one account. 


The multicurrency faucet offers to collect Ripple and other coins (in this case, you need to open the tab for a new currency). Payout is made automatically every hour. You can get from 0.001 to 0.0012 XPR. Payouts are also made to the ExpressCrypto wallet. 

The referral program is no different from Forumcoin – you need to create a personal link at the bottom of the page and send it to a potential user. 

Please note! The faucet’s website is overflown with ads of dubious quality. Because of this, the page overburdens the browser and RAM. Therefore, we do not recommend that you deal with a faucet using a low-power PC. 

Ripple accumulative faucets 

Now let’s move on to the accumulative faucets. There are not plenty of them either, but at the same time they show much more stability in operation and payouts. Here is a list of verified platforms:


This faucet is known to many crypto enthusiasts, as it allows requesting payouts in Ripple every 60 minutes. The chance of getting up to 0.0015 XRP is 30%, and up to 7 XRP is only 0.001%. To receive a payment, you must enter the XRP wallet’s address and pass the captcha. 

Important! To keep your account active, you need to request free coins at least once every 30 days. Otherwise, the faucet will recognize the account as inactive. It will be closed, and the money earned will be distributed among other users. 

On the home page you can view information about recent payouts on the faucet, as well as the list of the most active users. 

Some exchanges use one Ripple wallet address per user. Therefore, when withdrawing coins from the Xrpfaucet site, make sure you insert the XRP transaction assignment tag during the withdrawal of funds. 

Despite some monotony when dealing with XRP faucets, they ultimately simplify the process of earning some coins, as well as enable to learn the nuances of Ripple transactions. Therefore, cryptocurrency faucets are great for newbies. 


This XRP faucet is one of the pioneers. It was launched in October 2017. The platform’s intuitiveness has made it one of the most popular and visited platforms for getting free Ripple coins. The platform is currently used by a little over 620,000 unique users. Furthermore, viewers have played almost 50 million games and received about 17,000,000 XRP for this.

To get free tokens, you can request a payout once an hour, or play a simple game – roll the dice. For one click of a button, the system randomly distributes $300 between users. To play again, you can go to the faucet’s official Twitter page and find a sponsored link there. An extra roll code is published on it every day. 

The site offers instant money withdrawal. This is what makes the cryptocurrency faucet different from other platforms with a certain waiting time for coins to be credited. CoinFaucet sends tokens to its users immediately after reaching the minimum threshold of 1 XRP. Moreover, no fee is charged. 

Another advantage of the faucet is the super profitable referral program. CoinFaucet users receive as much as 50% of their earnings for referring new users. At the same time, the number of referrals that can be connected is not limited.

Plus, CoinFaucet is pretty active on socials. Ripple faucet accounts constantly post free promo codes for extra attempts in games. With them, the chances of getting more XRP skyrocket!

The site’s FAQ section states that a user can create a Ripple wallet on the site. Its advantage is that it can be used offline. To activate the storage, you need to deposit 20 XRP tokens. This can take some time. 


This crypto faucet has the same operating principle and functionality as CoinFaucet. The site has a simple and pleasant design, and the ads look organic and unobtrusive. You can withdraw funds to a cryptocurrency wallet when the minimum amount of 1 XPR is reached. However, there are no promo codes in socials. 

Referral program details can be found in a separate section. There you can find a link and a money earned counter. The reward is 30% of the invited user’s earnings. 

Scam Ripple Faucets 

Naturally, when analyzing cryptocurrency faucets, we found enough dead links and even fraudulent projects. We do not recommend messing with such services: 

  • RippleFree. Although it looks like a decent accumulative crypto faucet, its users say that developers are constantly raising the withdrawal threshold. All this is done so that no one can withdraw the required number of coins;
  • ProCoinAdvice. The site works, but only gives the impression of a cryptocurrency faucet. When requesting a payout, the user is linked to a completely different site. Moreover, the page is overflown with 18+ category ads. Therefore, the platform is quite reasonably questionable;
  • Konstantinova. The platform appears in many faucet ratings, however, when you go to the site, a 404 error comes up;
  • EbCoin. It is presented as a crypto faucet, but it is actually a service for creating short links. Moreover, the service is currently not operating. 

Generally speaking, there are plenty of verified and proven platforms for getting free XRP tokens. However, you can use both special and multicurrency services to earn a reward. There are practically no scammers in an XPR faucet environment. The exception is phishing fakes of popular sites. Therefore, when choosing a faucet for making money, the least you can do is to familiarize yourself with user reviews so as not to hit on scam.


To sum up our review, I would like to give a brief instruction on how to safely deal with XRP faucets. Here are 3 simple must-follow rules:

  • Do not download files from faucet sites. To earn Ripple on such platforms, you do not need additional documents or software. These files are most likely to contain malware.
  • All honestly “clicked up” tokens are transferred to the wallet in the faucet’s personal account. Experienced traders advise against holding large amounts of XRP on such accounts. Instead, you’d rather transfer coins to third-party wallets (ideally cold ones).
  • No platform provides an absolute guarantee of profit. Moreover, in recent years, cases have become more frequent when even popular crypto faucets failed to withdraw funds upon user’s demand. 

Last but not least, you should not expect large earnings from the Ripple faucet. If you work hard, you can get about $20 per month. This amount will be the seed capital for a novice trader. Therefore, users often choose faucets as an additional income. After all, there is nothing easier than going to the site every 60 minutes and clicking a button. This method is within the power of absolutely everyone. Try it and earn!

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