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Binaryx Changelog: August 19, 2020 - Binaryx

Binaryx Changelog: August 19, 2020

? Meet our weekly compilation of the latest news, popular hacks and platform updates from Binaryx ?

Don’t miss our latest blog updates for August  2020?❗️: 

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? Most recent & hot updates about the Binaryx platform:

✔️ We have improved the ability to exchange, purchase and sell cryptocurrency flows. Currently, you can enjoy the new UI ??

  • ✔️ New updates of our new blog are available now ⚠️
  • ✔️ Binaryx team is launching the new product that helps offline and online businesses to raise investments. If you are interested to learn more, feel free to contact our business development team ??
  • ✔️ Our team is working on the new source where you can discover the latest updates and news from Oleg Kurchenko (Founder and CEO @ Binaryx) ?
  • ✔️ Giveaway by Binaryx is still active. Hit reply to get the details ?
  • ✔️ We are working on improvements to the administration product part ?‍?
  • ✔️ Some new features related to user account protection and security will be available shortly ?
  • ✔️ Engineers of Binaryx are working on product scalability ?
  • ✔️ The new info page with limits and commissions will be presented shortly ?
  • ✔️ We are designing a new referral system ?

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? You’ll find Cryptocurrency predictions?? +audio-podcasts which consist of must-know hacks and lessons from professional ?  traders and influencers!

? We are also preparing the launch of our new vlog series! Subscribe to our Youtube channel if you don’t want to miss the first episode!

?️ Beta-testing: We are working on new test cases for beta-testing round II. If you would like to join our beta-testing program, please use this link.

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