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Binaryx Changelog: November 10, 2020

Hi friends! Welcome for everyone!

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Most recent & hot updates about the Binaryx platform:

  • We are improving the page speed and performance of our website.
  • The new layout for the marketplace/social trading page is finished. Feel free to discover it here –
  • Our engineering team is working on a new microservice infrastructure.
  • Some minor fixes of the trading terminal are on the go.
  • A fresh podcast with our new guest is coming soon.
  • A new blockchain and trading academy is in progress.
  • Don’t miss the chance to follow our social media networks, where we do a fantastic job of posting unique and handcrafted content.
  • Our content team continues delivering curated blog posts into the Binaryx blog.

Also, don’t miss our November 2020 blog posts.

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