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Binaryx Changelog: October 21, 2020 - Binaryx

Binaryx Changelog: October 21, 2020

Hey guys! 🤜🤛 The last week has been extremely important to us. Thanks to all of you who were supporting us. Together, we achieved 🎉 TOP 3 product of the day on Product Hunt and even got into the weekly newsletter.

We launched our product globally and currently polishing and preparing the following updates:

  • We plan to start working on PR shortly
  • We are connecting more media partners to increase our marking activity
  • New pages about our team and liquidity are coming shortly
  • Increasing website performance is one of the most crucial tasks right now
  • Our QA and engineering teams are working on penetration and stress testing
  • More improvements in terms of UX for the trading terminal is progress
  • Also, we are improving transaction history, adding new filters, fixing some minor bugs
  • We will start working on additional improvements in terms of notifications
  • New test cases (part II) for our users beta-testers is in progress