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Binaryx Changelog: September 23, 2020

? Meet our weekly updates! Know the latest news, popular hacks and platform changes from Binaryx ❤️

✅ Don’t miss our latest blog updates for September 2020?❗️: 

? Most recent & hot updates about the Binaryx platform:

  • We have just released a new page about the cryptocurrency wallet you can create and use on Binaryx. Learn more about features here
  • Run your own cryptocurrency trading business with Binaryx white label solutions Discover what we offer, and feel free to reach out to us ?
  • New info page about how we protect our trading platform is on the go. Don’t miss it! ?
  • We have started localizing the trading terminal ?
  • More and more beta testers are receiving cool gits from us. Join our beta-testing program and help us build #1 trading platform
  • Some improvements in KYC flow is coming soon ?
  • We have started improving our email notifications ?

? Listen our audio-podcast interviews ?:

? We have started working on the new Tokenization module that helps to raise investments for businesses and startups. Sametime, you invest in early or mid-stage companies by using cryptocurrencies. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more. Just hit reply and our managers will answer you shortly! ?

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? We are accepting guest posts. Feel free to submit and contribute them through the link✏️?

? We are also preparing the launch of our new vlog series! Subscribe to our Youtube channel if you don’t want to miss the first episode!

?️ Beta-testing: We are working on new test cases for beta-testing round II. If you would like to join our beta-testing program, please use this link.

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