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Binaryx Changelog: September 30, 2020 - Binaryx

Binaryx Changelog: September 30, 2020


Know the latest news, popular hacks and platform changes from Binaryx. Most recent & hot updates about the Binaryx platform:

  • We are improving the menu and navigation of our product.
  • A dark theme is becoming available for the dashboard.
  • We added a new info popup where we show daily market updates. You can discover it right after login.
  • We are finishing the story for market data to till the charts.
  • Also, we are improving limit and market orders.
  • We are fixing the statuses of orders in the trading terminal.
  • Improving order filling to close and orders
  • Our team is changing the UI of the dashboard.
  • The testing of the trading terminal is on the go.
  • Continue working on additional liquidity providers.
  • Our engineering team has started deploying trading terming to the production server.

Hooray! More good news for today!
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