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Bitcoin For $75,000: A Forecast From Robert Kiyosaki - Binaryx

Bitcoin For $75,000: A Forecast From Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, the legendary business strategist, author of many books on financial planning, voiced optimistic forecasts regarding the prospects and future of Bitcoin. The author of the book, which thundered around the world, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” shared his observations on Twitter.

Kiyosaki believes that the price of Bitcoin will grow by almost 100% annually. After the Bitcoin halving, the bulls will confidently consolidate their influence in the cryptocurrency market. This trend will continue over the next 3 years, so the price of Bitcoin by 2023 will be approximately $75,000.

Kiyosaki bet on 3 key assets

The difficult macroeconomic situation in the world, the high probability of inflation motivated Kiyosaki to reconsider his investment policy. As a result, he bought 3 assets, which he considers the most viable in the conditions of financial market fluctuations. These are Cold, Silver, and Bitcoin.

He argued his decision by the presence of a good prospect for the increase of these assets shortly. In particular, Kiyosaki noted:

“Now Gold is trading at $1,700 an ounce. In a year, the price of the “yellow metal” will rise by 76% to $3,000. The price of Silver today is $17, in 5 years it will rise to $40. The annual increase in silver will be 19%. Bitcoin can overtake everyone: now its price is $9,800, after 3 years the flagship cryptocurrency will be traded at $75,000. ”

Thus, according to the forecasts of Robert Kiyosaki, the annual increase in Bitcoin prices will be 97%. Against the backdrop of traditional assets, it looks impressive, and most importantly, cost-effective.

Kiyosaki is friendly towards Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki has repeatedly expressed his positive attitude towards the flagship cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He is convinced that the future lies in innovative technologies that do not fit into the framework of the traditional financial infrastructure, and ultimately lead to a major modernization of the entire financial system.

In an April interview, Kiyosaki noted:

“I like Bitcoin because it stands outside the traditional financial system.”

He also noted that Bitcoin is an excellent solution for those people who support the idea of ​​decentralization and innovative approaches to conducting financial transactions.

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