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Bitcoin Holders’ Opportunities in South Korea to be Expanded - Binaryx

Bitcoin Holders’ Opportunities in South Korea to be Expanded

Now we can say that all Bitcoin holders in Korea have the opportunity to make urgent, small transactions thanks to the Mecon Cash M.Pay platform, which is integrated with more than 13,000 ATMs in South Korea.

The collaboration of Mecon Cash and is the integration of Bitcoin into the proprietary M.Pay platform. It is worth noting that M.Pay is a system connected to the most popular ATM provider. This allows you to use this platform to withdraw Korean won in almost all ATMs in South Korea. Namely, we are talking about 13,000 units in such popular chain stores as GS25 and Mini Stop.

The target audience for the new service is mainly cryptocurrency owners who need urgent, small transfers, as mentioned earlier, as well as people who annually make transactions to Korea with a total amount of more than $ 6 billion.

In addition to the new cash withdrawal service, Mecon Cash also provides other services, in particular, a platform for online sales. For example, users can familiarize themselves and make purchases with a wide range of products (Mecon Mall), as well as mobile applications that use M.Pay for rewards.

Jo Jae Do, chairman of Mecon Cash, said that thanks to such a affiliate, they had opportunities and prospects for expanding Bitcoin Cash services in the Korean market.

Promoting the BCH Ecosystem

At the moment, Bitcoin Cash is one of the most significant digital assets in the world, which allows it to cooperate with most cryptographic service providers. Its last advantage is that it supports the Simple Ledger Protocol infrastructure, which already includes more than 6,000 SLP tokens created since August 2018.

It is worth mentioning that spoke of its mission as the desire to provide economic freedom to the whole world, which is why the company is actively introducing BCH as a peer-to-peer virtual tool. A year ago, for example, HTC added support for its own bitcoins to its flagship smartphone, Exodus 1, as a result of a partnership with the company.

This year we expect the launch of an investment fund from, which, according to preliminary estimates, could cost about 200 million US dollars. It is planned that such a fund will work on a solution related to payments and financial services that are not associated with depository payments for Bitcoin Cash.