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Bitcoin Profitability Skyrockets To 10,000,000% In 10 Years - Binaryx

Bitcoin Profitability Skyrockets To 10,000,000% In 10 Years

Many crypto enthusiasts dream of going back 10 years to buy Bitcoin because now the return on investment in BTC has reached sky-high heights. Can Bitcoin provide a 100% return on investment anytime soon, and what is needed for that?

Buying Bitcoin was 99% profitable

Who would have thought before that a “digital experiment” in the form of Bitcoin could be a strong competitor to Gold and stocks? For another 10 years, its cost did not reach the dollar, and for 10,000 BTC, you could buy only 2 pizzas. Today, Bitcoin is trading just above $12,000 – it is quite logical that now half of the world envies the owners of the “Satoshi era” crypto.

During its operation, Bitcoin as an investment vehicle has demonstrated unprecedented profitability: since 2011, the flagship crypto has brought investors more than 100,000,000% profit. According to LookIntoBitcoin, there were 3663 days of Bitcoin’s life cycle of 3718 days, which brought profit to the owners of the flagship crypto. In 98.5% of cases, the return on investment in Bitcoin showed a positive trend.

Is Bitcoin 100% profitable?

Analysts point out that Bitcoin can achieve a 100% positive ROI. First of all, it is due to the potential for growth in the value of Bitcoin in the long-term. Perhaps, the fixed emission of the flagship crypt is an undeniable trump card against the background of traditional assets that have limited price growth potential.

The fragility of the economy of the post-pandemic world, the risk of the depreciation of the American dollar, and massive digitalization can also play into the hands of Bitcoin. You should also not discount the technical maturity of Bitcoin and the crypto market in general. Despite the collapse in March, Bitcoin was able to successfully “shake off” the fall and renew 2020 high, reaching $12,466.

This week, Bitcoin was once again able to break through the critical $12,000 resistance area after a lingering correlation. Technical charts signal bullish sentiment, so some analysts have already started talking about the possible achievement of a new 2020 high. Bullish momentum could lead Bitcoin to a pit stop of $16,500, and if the uptrend continues, a fight for $20,000 and above will await us.

Reaching a peak of $20,000, analysts see it as an opportunity for Bitcoin to return to 100% positive ROI. It is too early to talk about new price highs, but the fact that Bitcoin retains its status as a profitable investment instrument, perhaps, remains undeniable.

From technical analysis, BTC looks attractive and is in a growing channel for the second week in a row. Today’s impulse is, on the one hand, the forced closure of short positions in the market, on the other, a good signal for further price growth. I don’t think BTC will hit 20,000 USD this year, but working in a growing market is more profitable than just being out of it. So, friends, open long positions and hold BTC for the long term.