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Bitcoin to Hit $18k ? Opinions by Experts - Binaryx

Bitcoin to Hit $18,000 – Experts’ Opinion

Bitcoin to Hit $18,000 as Experts See The Signs

The first cryptocurrency will continue to rise in price, and altcoins will randomly soar in price, says Michael van de Poppe, an analyst with the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. And Bloсkroots co-founder John Rager expects a new high of value from the main digital asset.

The Bitcoin exchange rate probably started moving to $ 18,000, wrote Michael van de Poppe, an analyst at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, on his Twitter account. This is evidenced by the unpredictable rise in the cost of altcoins, which will continue over the next three months, the expert suggested.

“What is happening on the market right now is a copy of the period of January 2016 … if this is so, then we will have three months of ridiculous volatility in altcoins ahead of the Bitcoin halving. And then the next goal for his course is $ 18,000” Poppe predicted.

An even more optimistic scenario was proposed by John Rager, co-founder of Bloсkroots trading service. According to him, the Bitcoin rally began after the coin rate rebounded from the historical support level located at $ 6400.

As a result of this, the main digital asset can set a new maximum value, the expert believes. He noted that for long-term growth, the price of Bitcoin must overcome the global resistance level of $ 10,100 and gain a foothold above it.

William Suberg, an analyst at the Cointelegraph portal, called another obstacle to the take-off of the first cryptocurrency. Its price should rise above the resistance level of $ 9,000, expressed by a 200-day moving average, the expert stressed.

The Bitcoin exchange rate can soar up to $ 100,000, and this is more real than it seems, Blockstream CEO Adam Back wrote in his Twitter account. The reasons for this, he called the widespread cryptocurrency and the potential inflation of the US dollar. If a currency depreciates ten times over time, then the primary digital asset will become more expensive relative to it, the entrepreneur believes.

As we reported on January 15, the same level was noted by Coindesk portal analyst Omkar Godbole. He expressed confidence that Bitcoin will be able to rise in price to $ 10,350 in case of overcoming the psychologically significant mark of $ 9,000.