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Bitcoin Will Never Leave You: The Major Newspapers Urge To Invest In Cryptocurrency - Binaryx

“Bitcoin Will Never Leave You”: The Major Newspapers Urge To Invest In Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is increasingly appearing on the front pages of major newspapers, and cryptocurrency is talking about on television and video streaming platforms. What is the reason for this excitement, and what are the goals of the Bitcoin promo campaign?

Bitcoin on the front pages of newspapers

On August 24, the Apple Daily went on sale in Hong Kong with a front-page ad for Bitcoin. It was unexpected even for the crypto community, because getting to the top of the news feed of the newspaper, which is the second most readable newspaper in Hong Kong, is far from easy.

Bitcoin ads were presented in English and Chinese at dawn. The editors of Apple Daily wanted the visual and textual part of the message to create an association with readers with the beginning of the “dawn of cryptocurrency”. From the front page of the newspaper, we hear the key message of the advertisement: “Bitcoin will never leave you.” Cryptocurrency dad Satoshi Nakamoto’s artistic signature adds weight to the message and is a great marketing ploy for Apple Daily.

This appeal to readers is accompanied by a list of the advantages Bitcoin has as a counterbalance to the traditional financial system. In particular, the focus was on the following:

Bitcoin is outside the government and is not controlled by third parties. It is digital money that was born out of the 2009 financial crisis and has a great future ahead of it. You can make transactions at any time and not be afraid that someone will turn off access to it.

This message clearly shows Hong Kong’s reaction to the conflict with the United States, which has not subsided since the beginning of August. The White House accuses Hong Kong of violating the rights of citizens under the direct “auspices” of China. As a result, the United States imposed sanctions on the head of the Hong Kong administration, Carrie Lam, and 10 other high-ranking political figures in the country. As a result, their overseas bank accounts and canceled credit cards were frozen.

“Time to Invest in Bitcoin”

Bitcoin also managed to “light up” on the front pages of other popular analytical newspapers. In particular, The Economic Times readers were greeted by a promising cryptocurrency investment advertisement that was published from the initiative of the Indian crypto exchange Bitbns.

An excellent promotional campaign for Bitcoin and the crypto market, in general, was done by Galaxy Digital. In the Financial Times, the company posted an ad calling for investing in cryptocurrency and thus becoming owners of assets that defy government infringement. The ad was a huge success: $217 million invested in Grayscale funds in the first week of its launch alone.