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Help Provided by Blockchain During The Coronavirus Outbreak - Binaryx

Blockchain Technology And The Fight With Coronavirus

China gets essential help from blockchain technology that assists keeping and maintaining health records and other inevitable facts amid the coronavirus episode.

Following the statistics published by one of the Chinese newspapers, over 20 applicants wanted to deal with the problems and disorders that kept appearing after the outbreak of the disease.

At the beginning of February, blockchain has served for numerous purposes, specifically health records maintenance and keeping track of medical substance supply. Nevertheless, an overwhelming majority of applications are used to deal with private data of residents, as some of them are going back to work within the current month. Blockchain technology not only helps to maintain information but also keeps public data secure. At this point, the ability of blockchain to codify transaction data is ultimately useful.

“The cross-border, financial blockchain services platform can play a bigger role, and help medium and small-sized enterprises improve the efficiency and convenience of getting export trade financing and other financial credit support,”— noted Henry Ma, the chief information officer at Tencent-backed online lender WeBank.

Blockchain is widely used in the Chinese province to guarantee the interoperability of maintained health records, preserving the maximum level of patient confidentiality. Gated communities in other provinces, in their turn,  use Vastchain technology to generate special QR codes that provide residents with the necessary access. This way, the information will be completely deleted after the end of the epidemic. Besides, the blockchain-based service has been launched by Alipay, allowing the contribution of supply relief and management of provisions. The main advantage of the service is the ability to access information at any time.

Municipal authorities emphasize that keeping records of public data is 100% safe and confidential. All information about the virus is correct and removes any type of misconception that ensures the possibility of safe dealing with the epidemic of coronavirus.