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Breaking NFT News: How Is It Going With A New Phenomenon In The Crypto World

Non-fungible tokens made a splash. They are used not only by famous artists and entrepreneurs but also in other spheres of life. Some even managed to use them at a wedding! Let’s review this and other news in our today’s summary.

airBaltic Will Issue Its Own NFT Tokens

Latvian flag carrier airBaltic becomes the first airline to issue its non-fungible tokens. The company offers a limited number of NFTs featuring its leading aircraft, the Airbus A220-300. The offer will also include tokens with images of Latvian cities. The latter should contribute to the country’s recognition in the world and increase the flow of tourists to the country.

The CEO of the company, Martin Gauss, said that NFT tokens’ capabilities could be expanded in the future. So, it will be possible to “tailor” tokens to concert tickets or boarding passes.

It’s not the first innovative action by the Latvian flag carrier. In 2014, airBaltic became the first airline to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Playboy Launches NFT Photo Gallery

The famous American men’s magazine Playboy will create an art gallery in the form of NFT tokens. It will include works by artist Mike Parisella, based on archival imagery from past issues of Playboy. The auction will take place at the Nifty Gateway site. By the way, the NFT tokens themselves were created using the Ethereum blockchain.

The second leg of Playboy’s entry will be a collab with digital artist Catherine Blake. This magazine also plans to expand the NFT gallery, introduce a grant system for creating new digital works for novice artists, and sell its archived photos in the form of non-fungible tokens.

A Couple Of Coinbase Employees Exchanged NFT Tokens Instead of Wedding Rings

Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky have found a charming way to use NFT. They played a traditional Jewish wedding, but in a slightly different way. The couple made pledges of allegiance in NFT tokens and exchanged them.

The Internet also got a photo from the ceremony, where Rebecca and Peter hold smartphones in their hands. Of course, not everyone will find it romantic, but it’s at least cute.

According to the newlyweds, their wedding vows now exist on the blockchain. In theory, they will last forever.

Picasso’s Painting Was Bought To Create an NFT Token

The founder of the Tron blockchain platform, Justin Sun, bought the great artist Pablo Picasso’s creation. The painting “Reclining Nude With Necklace” played out at Christie’s for $20 million. Andy Warhol’s Three Self-Portraits also fell into the businessman’s hands; Sun paid $2 million for them.

Both works will be converted into NFT tokens and added to the JUST NFT fund. It became known about it at the end of March this year. Then Justin Sun announced creating a virtual fund of art objects in the form of non-fungible tokens.

Earlier at Christie’s auction, digital artist Beeple’s painting Every Day: The First 5000 Days was sold for a record $69 million.

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