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Buying tickets via crypto becomes reality

And what do you say that you have the opportunity to use your cryptocurrency funds while traveling? And indeed it is.

The English Alternative Airlines company and the Swiss digital payment platform Utrust are ready to present such an opportunity to us, which was announced on November 13 of this year. More specifically, as a result of such cooperation, it is planned to provide users with the opportunity to book airline tickets when paying using cryptocurrencies, implying payment for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash, DigiByte (DGB) and the native UTK token UTK.

The apparent advantage of such cooperation is the availability of instant cross-border transactions, the protection of buyers, and crypto-cash settlements when purchasing an airline ticket in this way. Using the search on the travel company’s web page, you can find tickets for airlines such as Delta, United, British Airways, Virgin and Emirates, and others. A total of 650 airlines are represented on the site.

Nuno Correia, CEO Utrust noted that for some buyers, regardless of the purpose of the trip, whether it is a vacation, or a business trip, using the services of airlines and buying a ticket can be quite a waste of money.

In turn, Utrust provides Alternative Airlines customers with an increased level of security, as well as a distinct advantage in paying for services with cryptocurrency funds. The benefits also include reduced processing fees. Such policies also aim to increase transparency and credibility in the world of online payments.

It is worth noting the fact that at the end of summer, Portuguese sports club SL Benfica began a partnership with Utrust. Such cooperation was implemented to simplify some payment transactions. For example, you can now purchase tickets and any products on the club’s website using your Utrust token (UTK) and top cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)).

As for bitcoin ATMs at airports, this one is already available. At the beginning of autumn 2019, the Bitcoin Bitstop ATM company installed one of its cars at the Miami airport, and to be exact, the car is located in Hall G, near exit 16.

Doug Carrillo, the co-founder of Bitstop, commented:

“Today, already a large number of users prefer to plan travel, taking into account the payment of certain services using cryptocurrency funds.”