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Coronacoin: A Truth or a Cruel Joke? - Binaryx

Coronacoin: A Promising Currency or an Unsuccessful Joke of Developers?

The international community was discouraged by the news of the emergence of a new cryptocurrency – Coronacoin. This is probably the most perverted thing that could only have been invented in the context of the spread of new outbreaks of a pandemic that has already taken the lives of several thousand people. This cryptocurrency has a remarkable feature: its price rises with an increase in the number of coronavirus victims. 

Coronacoin: a game with death

Now the Coronavirus keeps the whole world in fear. Having appeared in Wuhan, the virus quickly spread to other countries, despite the stringent security measures that were adopted in China. At the time of this writing, coronavirus has taken the lives of more than 3,000 people. The number of infected is amazing – more than 80,000 people are hospitalized in different parts of the world. The complexity of the situation is that while there is no vaccine for coronavirus, a pandemic spreads instantly. The World Health Organization makes disappointing predictions that Coronavirus can become a global problem.

In such tense and difficult conditions for which it is humanity’s, it’s hard to imagine that someone might think of profiting from a terrible epidemic. “Play with death” is not a very good idea, but still there were developers who decided to create a new cryptocurrency amid a general panic. Users can bet on raising or lowering the rate of Coronacoin. Accordingly, the price of Coronacoin rises with an increase in the number of dead or infected people.

Analysts are skeptical of Coronacoin and condemn its developers. They are trying to convey to traders that they should not pursue a “deadly cryptocurrency”, as this will not lead to good. Rising prices Coronacoin is not an event to rejoice in, because it indicates that new people have become victims of the epidemic.

Coronacoin has its website. Information is provided here that the reserves of the new digital currency will decrease with an increase in the number of coronavirus victims. One of the developers of the new currency, Sunny Kemp commented on the idea of ​​the release of a new crypto:

“Now we are talking about a new direction for investing. Coronacoin is an alternative to the pandemic bonds that the World Health Organization once created. This is the same idea.”

It is known that the developers of the new cryptocurrency from Europe. Kemp notes that Coronacoin became interested in other specialists who may soon join them.

New outbreaks of Coronavirus in the world

In China, the spread of Coronavirus has subsided a bit. Now the largest outbreak is in Italy. The government of the country closed many cities for quarantine, airlines with other countries are limited as much as possible. Also, outbreaks of Coronavirus are observed in the United States, in particular in Washington and New Jersey. At the time of publication of the article, more than 200 people have already died here. Among other countries in which cases of coronavirus have already been recorded are France, Israel, and Great Britain.