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Crypto Community Panic as Youtube Bans Crypto Content - Binaryx

Crypto Community Panic as Youtube Bans Crypto Content

Youtube Banned Crypto Content as Community Raised Concerns

It was hard not to mention the sparks in the community related to the Youtube Crypto ban. For many years since the cryptocurrency adoption, this popular and giant platform was the best place for analysts, traders, enthusiasts, and influencers to discuss, as well as promote cryptocurrencies. 

Impossible to count how many people boosted their channels by switching their content towards the digital currency reviews, interviews, or shows. And now, the series of bans occurred on Youtube, as major channel owners ignited the crypto community and raised countless discussions. Interesting to mention that the ban mostly touched the popular channels, while other channels with suspicious or even scam-content remained peacefully. 

Youtube Admits The Mistake

The tensions around those bans were and remain high, as many influencers and community members instantly reacted to it on Twitter. It was noticeable that normal Youtubers, who uploaded and provided their followers with relevant data and news, were blocked. 

The representatives couldn’t hide anymore, as it would be suspicious to perform such actions without a decent explanation or statement. Later, the Internet giant explained that it was nothing more than a simple system mistake.

Centralized Platforms Are No Longer Viable, Yet Youtube is Stronghold

Although giant tech companies have millions of users, they still need to think about possible innovations. This is an obvious move for any company, and if they are going to ignore this fact, the consequences may be fatal. Youtube is now a leader of the industry. However, the recent years demonstrate that the platform is overloaded with a bunch of videos, which distract the community. 

That is why the members of the cryptocurrency Twitter-society raised the issue of creating decentralized platforms for different content, including crypto-related content. For instance, Changpeng <CZ> Zhao formulated his opinion by tweeting the following.

Nonetheless, the discussions online are not signs of something happening. The idea and promotion of blockchain video platforms is a serious issue for developers, and it won’t be accessible in 2020, for sure. One of the main reasons is that crypto-related platforms, despite their ambitious aims and goals, failed to satisfy the community entirely. 

This tweet is a comprehensive evaluation of the community’s opinion on such decentralized platforms. For now, Youtube will be a leader of the industry, despite all major or minor scandals. The question is – can they enhance their service not to lose the people?