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BAR - a Native Token From FC Barcelona For The clubs Fans - Binaryx

Cryptocurrencies In Everyday Life: FC Barcelona Launches Its Own Token

FC “Barcelona” is one is the most favorable and famous football clubs all over the world, and it has announced the plans on upcoming own token launch. Chiliz – the blockchain company will help “Barcelona” to make their own coin true.


“The Barcelona’s “fan-base” has more than 300 million people. This FC is the most recognizable and most profitable without any doubts. We are looking forward to the moment when fans will begin influencing decisions of the team.”

According to the Chiliz statement, the concept is next: fans can interact with the club using the Socios app. Users will be rewarded with points that can be exchanged for merchandise or participation in the team’s events. All the BAR token holders would be able to use chat, trade assets and play decentralized games.

40 million Barcelona tokens (BAR) would be sold in the Q2 of 2020, price is € 2 per coin. Please note: in order to buy BAR, fans will first need to purchase CHZ – the Socios native token.

JOSEP PON, Barcelona Board Member and Head of Sales commented:

“This partnership will give us an opportunity to work in the innovative digital field, which in turn will help us to better interact with fans around the world.”

Barca Fan Tokens (BAR) will be an ETH-based asset with the limited supply.

“Each team issues their own fan token, with a limited amount of supply based on the potential over five years. Barca has 40 million tokens for example.”

*credits for the video to Altcoin Buzz