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Cyber ​​Attack Victim: What Twitter Is Going To Do To Hush Up The Account Hacking Affair - Binaryx

Cyber ​​Attack Victim: What Twitter Is Going To Do To Hush Up The Account Hacking Affair

Twitter and Bitcoin last week were at the epicenter of a high-profile scandal involving the hacking of the accounts of famous personalities. How would you react if you received a personal offer from Elon Musk to buy Bitcoin? Now Twitter will have to work hard to whiten its reputation. What steps have already been taken on this path?

Twitter strengthens security

The news that 130 Twitter accounts hacked on July 15 generated a lot of buzz and discussion online. Bitcoin was once again in the spotlight as the attackers sent “lucrative” offers to buy and sell the flagship crypto asset from celebrity accounts to their subscribers. Hackers got access to the accounts of Elon Musk, Kanye West, Bill Gates, and other famous personalities and dragged them into their “dirty game”.

Twitter said that it is already actively looking for intruders in conjunction with the cyber police. Today, the main reason for the leakage of confidential information of users is hacking the internal centralized node of the platform. The scheme of the cybercriminals looked like this: hackers took possession of the private data of Twitter employees and used it to log into user accounts.

On several occasions, Twitter representatives have stated their desire to strengthen the platform’s cybersecurity and recruit new senior security engineers to the staff. Also, Twitter announced the upcoming transformation of its security system and additional training for the company’s employees.

After an unpleasant incident, Twitter immediately turned to its users to somehow mitigate the blow to its reputation inflicted by the hackers.

“We are upset that Twitter users were embroiled in a scandal and suffered from hacker attacks. We understand that the protection of our users’ data should always come first, and we promise to do our best so that you can trust us again as before.”

So who is to blame for the Twitter scam?

The investigation into the hacking of Twitter accounts has come to a standstill and, according to experts from law enforcement agencies, will remain unsolved for a long time, given the nature of the incident. Investigators speculate that the hackers developed a plan for their actions on the Discord server. This version of the crime is still the main one and being checked by the cyber police.

The scandal around Twitter has hit other centralized platforms with a wave. After all,  the confidence of users that their data is under reliable protection has been shaken even more. Whether this incident could be the impetus for the creation of social networks on a centralized platform remains a matter of time and whether there is enthusiasm among the developers.