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DLive & Refereum Agreement to Boost Worldwide Streaming

Now, as a streamer & gamer, you can get benefits and earn more by using the blockchain-based streaming service.

Cooperation of Blockchain-Based Streaming Platform DLive with Gaming Rewards Firm

The marketing company and blockchain-based rewards Refereum (from the United States) declared its recent cooperation with decentralized streaming platform DLive to remunerate gamers for making and view content.

Рursuant to a press release, Refereum’s cooperation with one of blockchain’s most significant streaming platforms, DLive, would allow users to gain profit for live-streaming games.

In accordance with parers, DLive is the innovative blockchain-powered streaming service to affiliate with the Refereum platform, accompanied by Twitch and Mixer. DLive CEO stated:

“Bringing advantages to our streamers is for sure one of the DLive team’s goals. We are glad to partner with Refereum to achieve common aims and in the end, benefit the whole content developers community.”

PUBG gets crypto payouts from Refereum

In the middle of the summer, Refereum declared a partnership with a South Korea-based online games publisher and creator to widen its in-game encouragement plan. The same crypto payout opportunity from Refereum will be for players of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. It can be very profitable, cause such a game that has seen over 8 million.

The DLive and PewDiePie Collaboration

In the middle of spring, the most-subscribed gaming channel on YouTube PewDiePie started streaming only on DLive. After months after this cooperation began, DLive saw 67% growth active users for a month, with information of the audience more than 5 million viewers and over 70,000 streamers at the time.