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Dogecoin Has Finally Entered The So-Called Super League - Binaryx

Dogecoin Has Finally Entered The So-Called Super League

This fast-growing cryptocurrency is currently listed by the leading Huobi exchange. The announcement was made by an exchange veteran through an official statement. The exchange will list three main pairs of coins, including Doge Bitcoin, Doge Ethereum, and Doge Tether.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that Dogecoin is his number one cryptocoin. Palmer came to the rescue of Mask some time ago when he had to respond to Twitter fraud. He tweeted that Dogecoin is his favorite coin since the discussion about the election of the crypto president began. Palmer has since disowned any role in the virtual coin. In terms of trading volumes, Huobi Global is the 8th largest cryptocurrency exchange. Prior to adopting the name Huobi Global, the exchange was formerly known as HBUS, the American partner of Huobi.

Elon Musk did everything at the highest level. He never made an intuitive mistake. All his ideas succeeded. He is the king, and his words become law. Withdrawing this token in an unprecedented way, but everybody wants Dogecoin margin trading

An odious billionaire Elon Musk has his favorite Dogecoin. We are informed that Musk was a big fan of crypto after he touted the splendor of bitcoins, suggesting that the money will fade into oblivion over time. His sympathy for Dogecoin has caught many experts off guard and encouraged the community to make the memes. After several months of the crypto community trying to get Musk’s attention with BTC Lightning Torch, the founder of Tesla finally took the bait, only it was not bitcoin. Musk answered to an April Fools Dogecoin poll asking him to be among potential candidates for CEOs, along with active blockchain players.

He is already in charge of Tesla, SpaceX, and the Boring Company, and these are just some of them. What else? The Mask Declaration inspired a lot of people, that made funny memes.

The real essence of Dogecoin is in its decentralized nature, given that no one has an influence on it. It is known as an online currency and has acquired rock star status in the crypto industry because of the mascot Shiba Inu, Doge. 

The Dogecoin needs new leader

At the same time, the Dogecoin team tricked their followers into an April Fools’ joke in which they stated: “We hear your fears, we concluded that dogecoin really needs the CEO. The one, who can show us the bright future, preserving the basic values of our company’’. The joke, obviously, concerns everyone who fired Dogecoin, whose pronunciation and purpose often become the subject of ridicule. In the past, he participated in an exchange of jokes about this cryptocurrency created for entertainment, and once again confirmed his interest in very interesting tweets.

In fact, he published a photo of a dog looking at a festive cake with a 3-shaped candle, with an inscription that he did not even know what the number was, and then added:

“They have the best tokens.”

This tweet is based on an emoticon package that has existed for many years, in which photographs of dogs are another option, because dogs often pose, implying that they will do something specific when they do something. In fact, they usually do nothing special.

After he shared a photograph depicting a dog, Mask added with irony that on his birthday the dog looked like the front of the cake and did not even know what was in front of him, and added that the dog even had its own badge. Good. It is very clear that now it’s gaining momentum, especially because Dogecoin was considered as a joke. Although it is still among the 40 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, it has changed since a lot has been lost in historical peaks.

DOGE was stable in the cryptocurrency space, although the token-based token function limited its use. Due to the emergence of stable coins, DOGE has also been replaced as a token of the base pair and is not often used for arbitrage transactions and moving tokens between exchanges.

The entire cryptocurrency community is committed to recognizing and may want DOGE to take a price action. It’s too early to talk about whether DOGE will pull the same tricks as Tesla [TSLA].

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