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Famous Cryptocurrency Influencers and People in 2019 - PART I - Binaryx

Famous Cryptocurrency Influencers and People in 2019 – PART I

Top People for Crypto Industry in 2019

2019 may be remembered as one of the most controversial for the industry. The long-awaited ‘To The Moon’ never happened, regulators began to monitor what was happening on the market even more closely, forecasts of bitcoin prices became more and more ambiguous, and a wave of layoffs covered startups.

At the same time, the crypto industry has become more transparent, exchanges began to struggle with fake trading volumes, and developers continued to work on improving protocols and eliminating vulnerabilities. Also, institutions have really started to invest more in bitcoin, and politicians have even taken into account market development initiatives in their programs.

Rune Christensen

In 2019, the stablecoin market continued to develop at a rapid pace. Another trend of this year is the real excitement around the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. In this regard, one of the key roles is played by the MakerDAO project with Rune Christensen at the head. This year, MakerDAO was able to eliminate critical vulnerabilities, present a multi-security version of Dai stablecoin, and raise $ 27.5 million for expansion in Asian markets.

Vitalik Buterin

For Ethereum, this year turned out to be challenging but productive. The Constantinople hard fork took place online in February, and Istanbul in December. Besides, at the beginning of the year, a “complexity bomb” was activated, which reduced emissions by 25%. The founder of Ethereum managed to talk about the “problem areas” of the network, explain how the transition to Ethereum 2.0 will happen, invite Ilon Mask to the conference, and even read the rap.

Xi Jinping

The Chinese leader blew up the blockchain market in October. He said that China should become a leader in the field of blockchain, which provoked not only a sharp, albeit short-term, increase in the price of bitcoin, but also a real wave of news from China related to distributed registry technology. Almost immediately after the speech of the leader of the PRC, the All-China Assembly of People’s Representatives (the local parliament) approved the law on cryptography, and later a committee was formed in China to standardize the blockchain. People’s Bank of China has stepped up with the issuance of the digital renminbi. Local media reported on the launch by leading universities of the country of courses on the study of technology and the upcoming blockchain initiatives of local municipalities. Shares of China’s leading blockchain companies soared. Blockchain even became the word of the year in China.

Brian Armstrong

The head of the leading US Bitcoin exchange Coinbase often becomes the person involved in a diverse list of the most notable personalities of not only the cryptocurrency industry but also the business as a whole. And it was absolutely deserved. Armstrong has an ambitious plan to create an open financial system, as well as make “100 million people start using cryptocurrencies.” 

And he confidently goes to his goal. This year, Coinbase announced the expansion of the geography of its services to 11 more countries, and its debit card became available to residents of Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and other countries. Also, in 2019, the exchange bought the Xapo service and patented a system for sending bitcoins by email.

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