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Famous Cryptocurrency Influencers and People in 2019 - PART II - Binaryx

Famous Cryptocurrency Influencers and People in 2019 – PART II

Top People for Crypto Industry in 2019

Now, we are going to share more information. Here we go.

Mark Zuckerberg & David Marcus

One of the main topics of this year not only in the world of digital currencies but also in the global news agenda was the Facebook statement on the launch of the “stable global cryptocurrency Libra.” At the same time, the company introduced the Calibra mobile wallet, which should allow sending Libra tokens via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It has not yet been possible to convince the authorities and central banks of the security of launching Libra. 

Still, the announcement itself provoked a wave of discussion of digital assets at the highest level – regulators almost entirely thought about issuing their digital coins and began to develop legal standards for the industry.

Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO is the only one who can genuinely understand cryptocurrency. Quartz journalist Matthew de Silva expressed this opinion. Jack Dorsey, who is also the head of Square’s public social network and payment platform, is known as a longtime Bitcoin supporter. He vehemently denies any possibility of issuing his own digital currency Twitter or joining Libra because of the belief that bitcoin and only bitcoin can become the native currency of the Internet.

At the same time, Dorsey intends to finance the development of a decentralized standard for social networks, he is ready to pay off developers of blockchain solutions with cryptocurrency and is actively promoting bitcoin among the establishment.

Justin Sun

The founder of TRON is one of the most famous people on Twitter. Only in March, the number of Sun’s subscribers in the social network reached a million, and already at the end of the year exceeded two.

It is worth recognizing that Sun knows how to work with the audience. Amid the “announcements of announcements” by the founder of TRON, the price of the coin kept growing. Justin’s ability to “catch hype” can hardly be overestimated – donations for eco-activist Greta Tunberg or the same failed lunch with a well-known critic of bitcoin billionaire Warren Buffett. Even though mainly because of this, Sun’s personality is perceived by some in the community as ironic, and he is accused of centralizing TRON, this year he became a prominent figure not only in terms of attracting attention to the crypto industry.

In January, Sun bought BitTorrent with a hundred millionth user base carried out a $ 7.2 million crowd sale in just 18 minutes. Also, the Sun Network solution for “unlimited” scaling of the TRON network was released in August. In November, Sun confirmed the purchase of a stake in the Poloniex bitcoin exchange.

Pavel Durov

Despite the vast number of rumors that went around the Telegram Open Network blockchain project for a long time, only this year, the Telegram team with Pavel Durov at the head officially confirmed its launch. Nevertheless, the ubiquitous U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken the path of TON. Despite this, Telegram is optimistic about the situation, and the project investors supported the team and declared their readiness to wait.

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