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“Farewell To Blockchain’s Video Platform”: PewDiePie Will Now Only Work With YouTube - Binaryx

“Farewell To Blockchain’s Video Platform”: PewDiePie Will Now Only Work With YouTube

The largest creator of video content PewDiePie said that he is breaking off cooperation with the blockchain-video platform Dlive, a contract with which was signed in 2019. This decision was made as part of a new agreement with YouTube, with which the leading blogger begins to collaborate. This became known on May 4.

Why did PewDiePie opt for YouTube?

Under the pseudonym of the PewDiePie account is Swiss Felix Chelberg. He became known worldwide thanks to the created video content and is one of the dollar millionaires. In April 2019, he began working with the Dlive decentralized blockchain platform.

During this time, his channel has grown to 820,000 subscribers. But even such a large annual audience reach is inferior to the blogger’s popularity on YouTube. PewDiePie has been publishing videos on its YouTube channel for more than 10 years now. During this time, the number of subscribers has grown to 104 million, the number of views exceeds the mark of 25 billion.

The decision to say goodbye to Dlive was caused by the benefits that YouTube provides to the authors of the video channels. In particular, PewDiePie attracted the opportunity to do live broadcasts and communicate with subscribers in real-time.

“YouTube is always friendly to me, as well as to other creators of video content. Thanks to streams and other innovative YouTube solutions, I can now even more communication with my fans and scale my channel. ”

Thus, the driver for signing a new contract between PewDiePie and YouTube was the desire to join a major monetization source for their video channel.

DLive itself “warmed up” PewDiePie transition to YouTube

To increase the reach of an active audience, DLive has taken unprecedented measures. In December 2019, he began cooperation with the largest file hosting service BitTorrent. This decision was caused by YouTube’s policy, which includes tight control and moderation of cryptography-related content and thus ties hands to the creators of video content.

It is worth noting that BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun is the founder of the Tron blockchain. The integration of blockchain and video content is a new step to popularize the crypto industry. Justin Sun is convinced that decentralized platforms have great prospects and can become an alternative to YouTube.