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Finally Bulls Are Not Hiding: Bitcoin Jumps To The $9,840 Mark - Binaryx

Finally Bulls Are Not Hiding: Bitcoin Jumps To The $9,840 Mark

The Bitcoin break above the $10,000 mark has become the most discussed topic in the crypto community over the past month. Likely, the current forecasts of cryptanalysts regarding the price movement of Bitcoin have a great chance of being implemented. The key argument for this is yesterday’s jump in the price of Bitcoin to the local peak of $9,840.

Bullish impulses are gaining momentum

The flagship cryptocurrency price movement is very pointedly provided on the 24-hour chart. On June 9, the price of Bitcoin rebounded from the support level of $9,670 and reached the level of $9,840. But the bulls could not keep Bitcoin at the given peak and the price turned back. Today, Bitcoin is in the price region of $9,721.

Crypto enthusiasts have finally breathed a sigh of relief: this bullish momentum could become a driver for continuing the movement of the Bitcoin price in an uptrend. Also today, an increase in trading activity among participants in the cryptocurrency market has been recorded, which may also favorably affect the price of Bitcoin.

What forecasts do cryptanalysts give?

Leading analysts see great prospects for Bitcoin shortly and recommend that traders get ready for the trading race. In particular, Prajapati, an analyst at TradingView, is convinced that the price of Bitcoin will rise to the level of $10,900. If the bulls retained their influence, he suggested that the price of Bitcoin could rise to $11,500.

Prajapati also introduced a winning Bitcoin trading model shortly. For those traders who want to open long positions, he recommends focusing on the price range of Bitcoin from $9396 to $9260. In his opinion, this strategy will allow traders to make good profits.

Analysts are sure that Bitcoin today has excellent trading potential. If the bullish impulses continue, there is a high probability that the Bitcoin mempool will soon be filled again with both long and short transactions.