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Introduction Of Cryptocurrency In Games: Developers Are Testing A New Mechanism For Monetization - Bianryx

Gaming Industry And Cryptocurrencies: What About Monetization?

Most game developers are faced with the problem of insufficient payback on invested resources and time in the project. Today, the only possible way to get income from game development is through advertising, which is built into the gameplay. Also, a small part of the costs can be covered by the introduction of a microtransaction system for the acquisition of gaming “goodies”.

BlockBastards, a team of developers of blockchain-based games, initiated the creation of games that will allow you to earn on cryptocurrency and completely abandon advertising.

QUDO is a revolution in gaming

The blockchain-based game engine, called Qudo, is already being actively tested by developers from around the world. The mechanism can be built into any game that is created on the Unity platform.

The Qudo model involves the construction of mutually beneficial monetized relationships between developers and direct users of a game. Each player receives a certain number of QUDO tokens for their activity, and can also buy them to purchase in-game items and other profitable chips.

Game developers will determine the cost of one Qudo for their game. To test the mechanism, it is recommended to integrate at least 150 QUDO into the game. Joao Abrantes, Qudo`s director, sees a great future and prospects for this project. He noted the following:

“Only 15 minutes and Qudo will be integrated into the game. Now players will be able to receive a reward for their activity, gaming achievements, and not for watching ads. Developers will be able to accumulate Qudo and use it to promote their game projects. ”

According to the developers of Qudo, this system is designed to make a real revolution in gaming.

What are the benefits of QUDO?

QUDO is actively popularized as an aid to independent and small developers who do not have a sufficient budget to promote their games. After integrating QUDO, developers will profit based on the activity and quantity of their gaming audience. Thus, this is a great alternative to making money, which can completely replace in-game advertising, which often annoys users.

The block reward is valued at 1000 QUDO. Blocks change each other every 10 minutes. The reward is divided into 2 parts: 90% are divided between the participants in the game, 10% goes to the account of partners (for example, trading floors that advertise this game).

“Players will be able to use the received tokens as they wish. It can be in-game “goodies”, access to paid content, and also use them in a game, which also has an integrated QUDO system. ”

A full launch of QUDO is planned for 2020. The introduction of this system can serve as an impetus for the large-scale launch of blockchain games.

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