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How Blockchain Can Change The World Of Media? - Binaryx

How Blockchain Can Change The World Of Media?

The security of personal data on social media is questionable because experience shows that even market giants such as Twitter or Facebook are not immune to information leakage. Is it time for blockchain social networking, and should media giants worry?

Blockchain as bypassing government censorship

The launch of social media using blockchain in the current realities of the coronavirus crisis and increased government intervention in the media space is no longer an idea beyond the clouds. Increasingly, news about the leakage of users’ data appears in the information field.

Donald Trump, the president of the United States, is also “adding fuel to the fire”. Tik-Tok’s accusations of collecting user data have led to the consideration of a ban on the operation of this platform in the United States. Against the backdrop of increased government censorship, decentralized social networks look like an alternative to existing social platforms.

What prospects will users get from social networks on the blockchain?

Social blockchain platforms can help combat the censorship and government restrictions that have become the norm as the pandemic spreads. Iva Vischer, the co-founder of Ignite, a blockchain microblogging platform, spoke about this. She noted:

“Decentralized social media allows the expression of opinions that run counter to government censorship, but in no way concerns the incitement to violence. Blockchain platforms must operate without moderators but still be labeled for “inappropriate” content. This way, users can control which accounts they don’t want to see content from. ”

Iva Wisher believes that in the post-coronavirus reality, the issue of protecting the freedom of choice of content will be relevant as never before. That is why developers should use this time to release new software products using blockchain technology.

Vladislav Semjonovs, a technical specialist at Ignite, is convinced that blockchain-based social networks have a bigger future and can radically transform the media space. Today, developers are faced with the task of creating a blockchain consensus algorithm, with the help of which users will receive relevant content. He also added:

“The blockchain-based ecosystem of social media provides for the functioning of tokens within the system. This option will allow users to monetize their presence on “next-generation” social media. “