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How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Bitcoin?

When people hear about Bitcoin investing or trading, they don’t think about the age instantly. However, if you are young and want to explore the cryptocurrency world, such an issue may occur. If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading or investing, of course, you have to be an adult. Nonetheless, regular users are not limited to mentioned options, as in most cases, they want to buy Bitcoin without further activities.

Currently, any user may have various options to purchase cryptocurrencies. Indeed, most people think about exchanges. Fortunately, this is not your only opportunity to interact with cryptos. 

Today, we will review simple ways on how to buy Bitcoin, even if you are not 18 years old.

How to Buy Bitcoin If You Are Underage

If one evaluated the concept of Bitcoin, the first thing to notice would be the minor number of any restrictions. Here, we are not talking about the government’s regulations. We mean that Bitcoin is open for any of us, regardless of your country, religion, gender, or even size of shoes.

Nowadays, we can see that every generation of people is more progressive than the previous one, yet with additional problems or disadvantages. However, modern technologies are no longer inaccessible for youngsters, as they manage to see their usage benefits. 

Bitcoin is not an exception. Since 2012, when the primary cryptocurrency started to conquer people’s minds, most enthusiasts weren’t old enough. Moreover, it didn’t stop them from pursuing dreams and goals, as many underage humans have shown an interest in digital currencies. That’s why it doesn’t matter how old do you have to be to buy cryptocurrency.

While many major cryptocurrency exchanges have restricted access for underage people, they can still buy and sell Bitcoin using other platforms or systems. 

It is crucial to notice that our article does not force or condone young people to buy Bitcoin since this decision is strictly personal. 

How to Buy Bitcoin Underage

It should be clear for now – cryptocurrency exchanges are not an option for underage crypto enthusiasts. Today, it is possible to explore additional ways or methods on how to buy cryptocurrencies, regardless of your location.

Now, let us show the possibilities.

Bitcoin ATMs

A few years ago, when the community tried to understand what Bitcoin is, how to buy and sell Bitcoin, some people already came up with an idea to create and set up Bitcoin ATMs. An interesting fact to mention: the first machine was installed in Vancouver, Canada. Of course, most coffee shop visitors did not know what it does and why it stands there. 

However, over time, when cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin have become widespread, such ATMs became extremely popular. Moreover, many shops and mall owners in the United States continued the trend, as they also installed ATMs. Currently, there are more than 2,500 Bitcoin ATMs available for people in the U.S.

Nowadays, such machines for digital currencies are among the best options for underage people to buy Bitcoin. Mainly, you don’t have to cooperate with other people, and all you need is cash. 

Nonetheless, the best option is always including its disadvantages. If you want to buy Bitcoin by using ATMs, you have to pay a higher fee. Besides, some ATMs have a limit, so you cannot buy all the Bitcoins. The most positive factor is that Bitcoin ATMs do not care about your age, and it is totally up to you when it comes to buying BTC.

Buy Bitcoin Over the Counter (OTC)

Buying Bitcoin OTC is one more path for individuals younger than 18 to get included. OTC implies that you are purchasing bitcoin, NOT on an exchange.

These exchanges are not enlisted on and are excluded from the total market top that appeared on the site. It’s evaluated that the cryptocurrency market’s genuine market capitalization is a lot higher than what appears on a large portion of these crypto websites because these destinations don’t consider the trades made off of the exchanges.

It is even evaluated that MORE volume exchanges off of the exchanges rather than on. What’s more, you can do this, too. There are numerous spots you can discover OTC bitcoin agents. You can likely discover littler OTC dealers prowling around Facebook gatherings or online discussions, too.

Despite this fact, we would not suggest managing any of the obscure dealers. It includes doing your very own exploration and discovering individuals ready to do a peer-to-peer transaction with you off of an exchange. A ton of these specialists won’t enjoy the way you’re underage, and they need to make a deal. 

Remember to be cautious with who you manage in this methodology. It is in every case best to utilize the “buddy system or framework” when meeting up with somebody you haven’t met in your life.

Register On An Exchange Under One Of Your Parent’s Or Older Sibling’s Name

This one is very self-evident. Enlisting on an exchange under one of your relative’s names (with their authorization, obviously) is a simple method to sidestep the framework. 

You may need to utilize a card with their name on it to make the buy, however. Let’s suppose that you needed to purchase $200 worth of BTC. You could e-move the $200 to your kin’s or parent’s account first. 

Then, utilize their card to purchase your preferred BTC on an exchange (for example, you can buy Bitcoin on Binaryx). Be that as it may, we can envision that getting actual consent initially might be troublesome. Asking your folks or kin who have no clue what bitcoin is – all they may have known about is that it is a trick – for their card to get it on an exchange they’ve never known about will be a troublesome undertaking. That’s another case for those who google “how old do you have to be to have bitcoin.”

Cryptocurrency Groups on Twitter or Facebook

Check out on Facebook or Twitter, and you’ll presumably discover crypto meetups in your general vicinity. The coordinators of these communities are quick to energize bitcoin reception and might be glad to help. As usual, practice alerting when meeting and exchanging with somebody just because, and don’t hand over a penny until you can see the exchange on the blockchain.


LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can purchase bitcoins from different hodlers on the web or real money. 

The web service discovers individuals hoping to sell their bitcoins close to you and associates you with that individual. You would then be able to trade with this individual employing Interac, e-move, Paypal, or money store. 

Although this alternative is increasingly hazardous for minors since it manages another genuine person, seeing that you’re underage, they may attempt to exploit you. 

That’s the reason you might need to strive for online installment choices. Or on the other hand, make the money exchange face to face, expecting you to be accompanied by a protector. Notwithstanding, there are points of confinement to what number of bitcoins you can instantly purchase, depending on who you’re acquiring from. Be that as it may, once more, this limit is most likely a lot higher than the normal underager will intend to purchase, at any rate.

Bitcoin Mining as Underager

OK, this isn’t generally purchasing bitcoin. However, it is as yet an alternative to get bitcoin underage, nonetheless. 

There are numerous approaches to mine bitcoins as a minor. You can pursue cloud mining services by using the best companies in this industry. On the other hand, you can purchase your equipment miner to mine the bitcoin all alone. 

Be that as it may, mining is an incredibly specialized procedure that takes numerous long stretches of research to comprehend completely.

Should Minors Be Buying Bitcoin?

Grown-ups with a distinct fascination for bitcoin need little support to lecture the decentralized gospel to their children. The odds of experiencing childhood in a cryptocurrency “house-hodl” and not being presented to bitcoin are thin to non-existent by showing the cutting edge digital currency’s latent capacity. However, it ought to likewise incorporate an expression of caution about its dangers, both as far as unpredictability and security. 

Notwithstanding what the law says, under-18s who are determined to purchase cryptocurrency will discover it. Contrasted with a portion of the indecencies that adolescents could be spending their cash on, bitcoin appears to be generous.

Buying Bitcoin As A Minor – A Conclusion

Many people are googling ‘how old do you have to be to buy bitcoin’ because they think it’s possible only for adults. But, taking everything into account, indeed, there are methods for purchasing bitcoin as a minor. 

It might take more research and due constancy than just joining in exchanging and making a buy. However, it is certainly possible. Whether you join under one of your parent’s names, purchase OTC, or use other cryptocurrency websites, there are consistent approaches to getting your hands on some bitcoin.


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