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How to Start Trading Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency trading brings incredible pleasure when prices soar – and unimaginable gloom when a portfolio loses money.

For successful cryptocurrency exchange trading, you must have sufficient knowledge. This may assist you to avoid stupid mistakes and minimize the risks of losing money. In this article, you can find crucial moments if you wonder how do I start bitcoin trading.

In fact, we are not talking about visiting specialized educational institutions and getting a diploma in economics and finance. If you want to start immediately, it’s enough to get a good understanding of the topic and form an objective idea of the cryptocurrency market and what you need for trading.

Cryptocurrency Trader and Benefits of Profession

There can be no doubt that many do not fully understand this term. Most believe that this is a person who trades valuable assets on international cryptocurrency exchanges. Partly, this is indeed so. Also, nowadays many traders change their strategy to learn how to start trading crypto.

But we should not forget that the trader, first of all, is an expert in the world of finance. It is at the same time:

  • an entrepreneur who invests in his future, focusing on Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Litecoin;
  • an analyst who can predict the development of the international economy;
  • strategist thinking over moves many steps forward.

All these areas of activity require entirely different skills. Therefore, traders are very versatile and educated personalities. In addition to opening orders, they carry out a vast array of work.

Trading for beginners will take from 3-4 hours to a full day. The more they are willing to learn, the faster the first results will appear. The profession is complex and requires dedication, especially when you have to learn how to start bitcoin trading.

If you are counting on quick money, then this is not what you need. You should not waste time and start focusing on other activities. On the other hand, good traders are always financially successful and can afford a lot.

The Mental Factor in Cryptocurrency Trading

Technical analysis is a powerful tool. It helps make informed decisions, but it’s not a solution to all the issues at all. Many experts tend to believe that the mentioned analysis is not an option in terms of how to start trading cryptocurrency. 

Fear, uncertainty, doubt, and fear of missing an opportunity are compelling emotions, so even the most reliable pattern may not work. Be sure to manage your risk and use a stop loss.

When a large number of people repeat the same thought, it is fixed in the head, and you begin to believe it. There is a fear of missing a “unique” opportunity. Common sense helps to cope with this: just calculate what the capitalization of the cryptocurrency or token will be if it grows to a particular price. It’s not hard.

Essential Skills That Help You to Become Professional

For novice traders, it is crucial to follow the advice of experienced professionals. They have come a long way and know what is vital for success. Professional traders offer the following recommendations that will help to avoid mistakes and achieve outstanding results:

  • Learn by your mistakes. Every problematic situation is your contribution to the school of life. When you learn how to start trading in cryptocurrency, you must treat even negative experiences as one of the stages of learning. Introspection will not allow you to commit stupid things in the future.
  • Strict discipline. Having opened an order, you have already chosen a strategy for yourself. Keep it to the end, whatever the circumstances. The market moves in a circle. Sooner or later, your perseverance will be rewarded. Also, never forget about volatility, which is a significant factor when it comes to digital assets.
  • Reasonable deal size. Do not invest more than the amount you are willing to lose. In digital terms, this is not more than 15% of the deposit.
  • Limitation of losses. Even the most experienced traders make miscalculations. This mustn’t damage the deposit. If the situation has gone a different turn, make sure that the amount of losses does not exceed 1% of the deposit.


The cryptocurrency trading has a set of rules and principles that all people should be aware of. Regardless of your experience, you must always remember that the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and your funds are under the risk.

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