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‘Impolite and Illegal Tactics’ in Discrimination Claim From Ex-Kraken Employee

Ex-Kraken Employee & Legal Claims

The case from November 26 in California has been opened by Nathan Runyon, who pays attention to losses related to the infringement at work, discrimination, and violation of conditions of the contract. Some of the pretensions which were made against Kraken guess crimes at the exchange. Till this time, the authenticity of the accusations has not been established.

Affairs with papers

In March 2018, he started work as a financial analyst at the exchange, according to documents. Runyon repeatedly raised issues of concern about the company business. Kraken’s chief financial officer Kaiser Ng did not take it to the attention and now got a claim from the court.

He added that not only one time, but he was also asked by Ng to provide data, which will help to assist in passing an audit no matter whether that data was accurate or not. Then he noticed that stock options grant vesting schedules had been slightly altered from what was written in board meeting minutes. All his attempts to correct the matter were ignored. Moreover, Runyon blames Kraken in illegally earned income from sanctioned nations and companies on the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Person List. 

Where is one million?

Another concerning prosecution is that Runyon says he was commanded by the company to assist the coordinate customer and operating account leavings with the company’s bank balances. Nathan found out that the bank accounts kept less amount than they should have to the tune of “millions of dollars.”

Dismissal as an exit from the situation

When the question almost got the attention, because of Ng’s anxiety about hack or embezzlement, Nathan was “instantly thrown aside” from work position.

Runyon’s agreement was terminated on August 1, 2019, and he declares because he had found that Ng “was deceiving Kraken employees” over their stock options.

Discussing this topic in a blog post, blockchain author David Gerard said he spoke to Runyon’s lawyer, Claire Cochran, who said the complainant’s address was still being listed by Kraken as that of its CFO.