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Ivan on Tech The BTC Bull Run or 2017 Deja Vu - Binaryx

Ivan on Tech: The BTC Bull Run or 2017 Deja Vu?

The interview was including questions about the latest wave of Bitcoin growth, which means the return of bulls, as well as the impact of the adoption of cryptocurrency for an economic future worldwide.

Ivan answered in the affirmative and indicated that the intersection of the value of 9 thousand dollars. The United States is indeed a positive achievement for Bitcoin, and it is expected that in the coming days, the value will continue to rise. In particular, referring to the psychological barrier of $ 9.4 thousand, Ivan said that if Bitcoin can overcome this mark, the next wave of bulls can certainly hit the market. Then, Ivan especially mentioned the adoption of cryptocurrency, referring to the launch of a survey of the first team of Paris Saint Germain (PSG). 

This can easily be considered as one of the significant achievements in the direction of the rapid introduction of cryptocurrency to the masses.

Davos in News

The topic of new technologies of open ledgers and its usefulness for several certain industries, including the field of financial technologies, were also touched upon here. Ivan also quite extensively said that the cooperation of Cardano with PwC would give a huge impetus to the implementation of cryptography and blockchain.

Ivan also praised the role of various crypto managers who worked very hard in Davos to spread awareness of encryption, clearing the doubt of some stakeholders at the event. This information was mainly disseminated through small events and technical sessions organized by cryptocurrency fund managers in Davos, and these efforts will certainly bring results in the future. The discussion also featured the growing popularity of earning interest in cryptocurrencies and collecting money using digital coins.

Millennial: Key to crypto Adoption 

It was also said that, nevertheless, according to Liljeqvist, it affects the timing of cryptocurrency adoption, and then he highlighted two important aspects: information and education, and one cannot disagree with this. This is exactly what is important for the generation of millennials – the target audience among users of cryptocurrency assets. He also emphasized the need to correct the misconception that cryptocurrency is a risky investment, and this should all be considered in the future, and to assume that cryptocurrency investment is a risky business is a gross miscalculation.

Bitcoin Halving

Concluding the interview, Ivan commented on the current situation regarding the separation of bitcoins, which is planned for the end of 2020. It is expected that a reduction in bitcoins by half will lead to a rise in coin prices, as the supply of digital currency will be limited. 

A shortage of coins will increase market demand, and, accordingly, this will lead to a further increase in bitcoin prices.