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Microsoft Can Destroy Bitcoin and Other Cryptos - Binaryx

Microsoft Can Destroy Bitcoin and Other Cryptos

Microsoft can cause huge problems for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and we will explain how. This American software giant is censoring open-source development projects on Github. Microsoft has a massive impact on the development of different blockchains, including Bitcoin.

Protests and Bitcoins. What do they have in common?

News about the protests of governments are surfaced in news around the world. Privacy and blockchain technology areas are also affected. The problem is that it is very important for people to control their personal information and access to it, but this is not always possible, especially with the current tightening of regulations.

Earlier, Microsoft has already censored the development of the Tsunami Democràtic application with the open-source code on the Github software hosting platform. Aсcording to the request of a Spanish court, this non-violent protest application has been removed.

Members of the crypto community were outraged by such a block. However, Microsoft may have an even greater impact on the cryptocurrency industry, and Bitcoin with blockchain in general, than expected.

The next question becomes obvious, Is it possible that Microsoft will block Bitcoin on Github?

Unfortunately, yes.

Microsoft has bought Github for $ 7.5 billion, in June 2018. Since then, there have been many cases of censorship. For example, developers from Iran, Syria, and Crimea are being restricted on the platform.

At the same time, Microsoft software is installed on more than 79% of all desktop computers in the world.

“It only took a few months for Microsoft to destroy GitHub culture and openness. Such a shame”

So, Spain has sent only a single court order, and Microsoft has blocked the project on Github platform. Isn’t it too easy for the collapse of large projects? From an open-source platform, Github has evolved into a “system slave.” Sure, developers can access Github using a VPN if this is really necessary. However, Microsoft is increasingly complicating the work inside the system: it blocks access, blocks or removes projects.