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New Study: Profit Is The Main Motivation Bitcoin Interest - Binaryx

New Study: Profit Is The Main Motivation Bitcoin Interest

Crypto analysts convince profit as the main catalyst for buying Bitcoin for most people. Is Bitcoin so profitable? Details  below.

But is decentralization so important to holders?

At the time of launch, Bitcoin was actively promoted as a decentralized asset, which was to become a more effective alternative to the traditional financial system. This was a kind of challenge to the existing market paradigm, which has long been outdated and does not keep pace with innovation. 

Is decentralization of Bitcoin no longer a mainstream? 

The development of cryptocurrency went along with the 2008 economic crisis. The father of cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto was then convinced that digital assets would help society minimize the risks of inflation at the global level. Bitcoin was seen as a way to protect capital from the negative effects of the crisis, as well as an opportunity to get out of control by banks and other financial institutions.

A similar situation is observed now when we see how the government of large countries is trying to stimulate the economy by injecting “helicopter money.” Many analysts say that these measures will return like a boomerang in the form of large-scale inflation. It is in such circumstances that Bitcoin attracts even more attention as a hedge asset and the ability to preserve its capital.

Many large players in the cryptocurrency market are confident that Bitcoin has long gone beyond the original mission. In particular. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is convinced that cryptocurrency is designed to put at the head of the financial system the interests of ordinary citizens of the world. According to him, thanks to decentralization, digital currency gives broad rights to users who are not compatible with the traditional financial system.

Profit from owning Bitcoin – above all

In the crypto space, there is also a more radical opinion about the growing popularity of Bitcoin. Many leading analysts believe that Bitcoin is of interest to people because of its price and the ability to make big profits due to speculation. In particular, this idea is supported by the Crypto Twitter identity, @ThinkingBitmex. He noted:

DonAlt cryptanalyst fully agrees with this opinion:

“99% of crypto enthusiasts are only worried about the price of Bitcoin, the issue of decentralization is no longer in the first place.”

Thus, decentralization is one of the advantages of crypto assets, but in the global context, it does not act as a key catalyst for the purchase and ownership of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency price upward movement is the main trigger for the growth in demand for digital assets and their popularization in world society.

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