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On The Eve Of Halving: Bitcoin Developers Stepped Up Like Never Before - Binaryx

On The Eve Of Halving: Bitcoin Developers Stepped Up Like Never Before

April was revealed as the most productive month for Bitcoin developers: the number of commits reached a record level. If in 2019, 400 commits were generated per month, in April 2020, 510 commits were recorded in Bitcoin Core. This indicates that developers have increased the amount of generated code.

As you know, any developer can join the creation of Bitcoin thanks to the open-source code. To do this, use the Bitcoin Core software, which was created by the “cryptocurrency father” Satoshi Nakamoto. Since its launch in 2009, the Bitcoin Core mechanism has undergone many transformations; the updated versions were based on fixing bugs and weaknesses.

To download the Bitcoin code, the Github platform is used. Here, the implementation of the Bitcoin protocol is monitored, but a decentralized code generation model is preserved.

Code Development Bitcoin is a large-scale project in which many developers from different parts of the world participate. In particular, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which partially invests in the development of Bitcoin code, has become the most prominent figure. MIT acts as the center for the development of the Bitcoin software core. This is an excellent source of support for key developers, which helps minimize downtime in code generation. More than 800 developers are involved in working on the Bitcoin core.

Why did developer activity increase?

An increase in the number of commits in April could be triggered by several factors. Firstly, these are the constraints that the world has faced as a result of the spread of the pandemic. In the conditions of blocking cities and entire countries, the developers focused on code generation and were not distracted by other things.

The second reason for activating the developers was the upcoming Bitcoin halving. Reducing rewards for checking new blocks could hit the financial condition of developers. The halving occurs approximately every 4 years, so previous experience shows that developers need to work hard.

The news that the code for Bitcoin Core appeared on the darknet caused concern among developers. Although Bitcoin is being promoted as a safe asset, there are still concerns that it may be used for money laundering and other fraudulent activities. Thus, taking into account all the factors, this week will be “hot” and we can witness even greater growth in developer activity.