December 25, 2019

The Reasons Why Bitcoin May Bounce After Christmas

Bitcoin Price May Bounce Once Again After Christmas December and January have become the most challenging years for Bitcoin investors and hodlers in recent years. For example, the significant price drop during December 2018/January 2019 left the majority of investors disappointed, as they lost their digital funds in a few weeks. This end of the year, as many could notice, the price was in focus again.  As we previously reported, the latest drop and instant bounce were managed by the fact that Bitcoin miners didn’t give up yet. Also, some experts tend to believe that such a rally destroyed any

December 24, 2019

Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model – The Cryptocurrency Market Tool or Manipulation

Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model – Everything You Should Know The majority of professional traders, as well as analysts who are trying to analyze the crypto market, comprehend the following fact – it is almost impossible to predict the price given that the volatility is high (however, not as high as some people might be). Endless attempts to use standard market tools brought almost zero results, as many believe that the crypto market is highly driven by people, namely investors, traders, and of course, crypto hodlers.  We are not going to dive into the analysis since our main focus of this article

December 24, 2019

Cryptocurrency: temporary situation and the future

In every century, society could not live without money. It contributed to economic prosperity, and in turn, the government protected their national money in the best possible way, no matter the difficulties in periods. The present currency overcomes a variety of channels before coming in the hands of people. The revolution in 2009 changed the perception of money all over the world. The digital money was a peer to peer networking thing, which was acknowledged as a beneficial opportunity for growth. Leading economists predicted the crypto to be the future of the economy. Foretime of the cryptocurrency The main attention

December 23, 2019

Bitcoin spreads in Cuba because of the local economic situation

Traditional currencies in Cuba are showing worrying signs of instability when Bitcoin makes step by step very confidently. Analysts watch a picture when communism is encountering enormous pressure from all representatives of a society fighting with costs rise, inflation, protestations, and destabilizing economic reasons. In this case, dollars and euros are more trusted in comparison with the national currency. Surprisingly, Bitcoin’s popularity in Cuba has also increased due to political issues.  The latter attempts to close the existence of the dual currency mechanism have also caused protests. At present, Cuba practices using Peso and CUC. The latter currency is taking

December 23, 2019

Bitcoin Just Reached the $7,600 Price by Showing Two Significant Recovery Signs

Significant Sign Number One – Bitcoin miner capitulation is not visible as yet Although the Bitcoin price has regained its position over the last five days, it does not indicate the bitcoin miner capitulation, as a majority of the community already thought. The main network of Bitcoin has obtained and updated the hashrate record by pushing away all tensions and rumors about miners capitulation and BTC sell-off. The current cryptocurrency market is showing opposite trends and movements, albeit experts predicted the significant drop. The community of miners wasn’t satisfied by the fact that the Bitcoin price plunged to the $6,500

December 20, 2019

Security of Crypto Exchanges: Is This Still an Issue for Exchanges?

Over the last five years, many cryptocurrency exchanges had faced many issues in terms of security. Have exchanges improved this aspect nowadays? Find out below. Is Security of Crypto Exchanges Still a Problem? Nowadays, many cryptocurrency investors, traders, and users know that they can utilize this or that crypto exchange, knowing that all its benefits. However, when it comes to security, even the best cryptocurrency exchanges fail to provide users with instant support by losing an unfair battle to hackers. Only this year, the dominant digital currency exchanges became victims of systematic hack-attacks by anonymous digital pirates at least once.

December 20, 2019

The Rise of Bitcoin or Why The Major Cryptocurrency Can Hit $250k in 2020

Can Bitcoin Hit the Moon in 2020? – Another Prediction Amid Bullish Market Moves We all follow the latest market moves, watching how Bitcoin is shaking the nerves of thousands of investors and crypto traders. The number one question for all crypto fans and followers – what will be the Bitcoin price in 2020? Huh, not so fast, guys… The first cryptocurrency in the world managed to find a recovery path in recent hours by making a bullish return. The $300 move in almost 24 hours was an excellent remedy for many traders, while others cannot stop believing in their

December 19, 2019

‘Impolite and Illegal Tactics’ in Discrimination Claim From Ex-Kraken Employee

Ex-Kraken Employee & Legal Claims The case from November 26 in California has been opened by Nathan Runyon, who pays attention to losses related to the infringement at work, discrimination, and violation of conditions of the contract. Some of the pretensions which were made against Kraken guess crimes at the exchange. Till this time, the authenticity of the accusations has not been established. Affairs with papers In March 2018, he started work as a financial analyst at the exchange, according to documents. Runyon repeatedly raised issues of concern about the company business. Kraken’s chief financial officer Kaiser Ng did not

December 19, 2019

PlusToken to Shake The Crypto Market Once Again

PlusToken Scam May Dip World 2nd Cryptocurrency Price The cryptocurrency community will remember the PlusToken project for many years. Recently, it was revealed that the mentioned project turned out to be a scam. The overall amount of stolen funds is near three billion in Bitcoin and ETH. Some community members thought that the tensions around this scheme are over, but the latest research by experts raised another series of worries and concerns.  According to the presented data, a single transaction of $105,1 million in ETH was made. The PlusToken wallet transferred this amount of ETH to an unknown person. This

December 18, 2019

Bitcoin Recovery After Intense Drop — Three Main Factors

It is pointless to remind that today Bitcoin fell to a seven-month minimum. It occurred before, and regeneration has followed later for sure. Some bullish reasons are building up that will lead to a BTC trend U-turn the following year. Bitcoin Recovery Factors Last year at this time, BTC went down to $3,700, and markets had the season of crypto winter. Now a year later – 10% discount on the week from $6,600 cause holiday time is very soon. Industry insiders are ready now even to more significant pain on the market because recovery in 2020 will compensate for everything.

December 17, 2019

Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash To Be Delisted On Coinfloor in 2020

Coinfloor To Delist Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum In January 2020 While many investors and cryptocurrency users are monitoring the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum received negative news from the UK. The oldest cryptocurrency exchange, namely Coinfloor, decided to focus their trading flow on Bitcoins and chose to delist Ethereum in January 2020.  The main concerns of the exchange representatives are that Ethereum is going through another fork (Istanbul), and the predicted results may affect the ETH in terms of trading. Moreover, such news is harmful to the project and cryptocurrency owners, taking into account that it is holding second place by market

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