March 19, 2020

Ethereum Could Jump To $140: What Signals Tell You That?

The lateral trend now prevails in trading on Ethereum and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Against the background of a collapse in the stock market, we can see some changes in the behavior of Bitcoin. The most popular digital currency is gradually moving away from the correlation of its exchange rate depending on traditional markets. Experts are closely watching the price movement of Ethereum. They believe that a critical support level from Ethereum below $100 may play into the hands of the future. Some traders even speculate that Ethereum could grow over the next few weeks and trade for

March 18, 2020

Miners Lose Revenue: The Biggest Hashrate Collapse And Emerging Issues

Miners have already felt the negative effects of the bearish decline in Bitcoin over the past few weeks. Now the headache for miners is a decrease in the performance and security of the Bitcoin network, which is determined by the hash rate. Earlier on, analysts predicted alarming trends for the Bitcoin network and now they have fully materialized. A hashrate is an indicator that determines the processing power of the equipment used for mining. It captures the number of hashes per second. If the hash rate is high, this means that the performance of creating new blocks is also high.

March 18, 2020

Bitcoin Bull Run: What Factors Can Raise Bitcoin From The Bottom?

Last week for Bitcoin was very stressful and stressful. Uncertainty, which is growing daily due to the collapse of stock markets, the fall of the Dow Jones rate to 3,000 points, has gripped the cryptocurrency market. In such difficult conditions, some analysts believe that Bitcoin has a chance to restore its market position. Why Can Bitcoin Price Rise Higher? Leading analyst Trajan believes that Bitcoin with a “head held high” will overcome the current instability, its rate will grow faster in the future. He identified 3 reasons that will contribute to this process: The S & P 500 entered a

March 17, 2020

“Bitcoin Surrender”: Analysts Predict BTC Price Drop To $ 4,000

Bitcoin was at the epicenter of the hype associated with the new collapse of the course. Yesterday, a new low was recorded – the BTC price fell below $ 5,000. Experts note that this situation is a bearish decline, so making clear conclusions about the collapse of the stability of Bitcoin will not be entirely incorrect. In turn, some traders predict a fall in the BTC trading range below $ 4,000. They believe that this is quite possible, given the decline in US stock markets. As the behavior of Bitcoin in recent weeks has been correlated with the stock market,

March 17, 2020

Will Bitcoin Be Able To Maintain The Status Of A Safe Haven Asset Bloqport Experts Estimate

The last few weeks periodically raise the question of the stability of Bitcoin and maintaining its asset-asylum status. Especially, this topic sounded sharply after a sharp drop of the price of Bitcoin below $ 8,000. The research company Bloqport urges not to succumb to the general decadent mood because Bitcoin continues to be a safe haven asset. Uncertainty and panic around the fall of Bitcoin: what will happen next? Bitcoin’s fluctuations in the past week have been a powerful blow to its reputation. Even some leading traders have expressed doubts about the stability and reliability of the most popular digital

March 16, 2020

Mike Novogratz Stopped Believing That Bitcoin Could Become “Digital Gold”

The sharp drop in Bitcoin on Friday, March 13 was commented by the CEO of Galaxy Digital, a trading bank, Michael Novogratz. There was something to discuss because for the first time the price of Bitcoin fell to a record low level – $ 4,240. The course overcame a critical minimum indicator, which was recorded on April 2, 2019. On his Twitter, Michael Novogratz noted: “Relations with Bitcoin have always been built on trust. But now there is no room to talk about it because the world is skeptical of everything.” This judgment is misunderstood because more recently Novogratz had

March 16, 2020

Crypto Assets: Which Coin To Buy?

Which cryptocurrency should I buy? The age of digitalization has completely innovated every aspect of our lives. We know longer have to wait for things to be accessible. Due to technological advancements, many things have become accessible. The world is filled with endless possibilities thanks to the internet. Blockchain was introduced a couple of years ago because of the innovation In the business world. No matter which field you belong to, you’ve definitely heard about the use of cryptocurrency everywhere.  So what exactly is cryptocurrency? In the simplest of words, cryptocurrency is digital money. Because of digitalization, the concept of

March 13, 2020

The European Central Bank Has Allocated $135 Billion to Stimulate The Economy

Due to the difficult situation on the world market, key financial institutions are taking measures aimed at stabilizing the economy. The European Central Bank (ECB) initiated the allocation of 135 billion USD or 120 billion Euros for the purchase of assets. This decision should provide incentives for savings, help enterprises cope with the negative consequences of the current financial crisis. The ECB has refused to reduce interest rates This initiative has become an alternative to lower interest rates, which was carried out earlier by the central banks of the United States and England. Financial analysts predicted that the ECB will

March 13, 2020

Tether Increase And Bitcoin Fall: Key Changes In The Cryptocurrency Market

Although the year 2020 began for Bitcoin to jump up, now the situation has changed dramatically. Over the past few weeks, the most popular digital currency has experienced significant fluctuations. Bitcoin volatility increased after the stop of the bullish impulse, which the cryptocurrency market participants had high hopes for. BitPremier agency noted that Bitcoin volatility in 30 days increased from 2.2 to 3.2%. Analysts breathed a sigh of relief when the Bitcoin exchange rate stopped a sharp drop in the indicator just below $8,000. But the situation remains to be unpredictable. Literally in an hour, the price of Bitcoin dropped

March 12, 2020

What Triggered A Record Drop In Cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency market is now in a precarious position. Daily there is information about the fall of a particular digital currency. Of course, the most expressive example is the market behavior of Bitcoin. The cost of the most popular currency decreased by 13%, which amounts to $ 1,200. Although this situation provoked an increased interest in buying Bitcoin, analysts warn that not everything is so simple. After a sharp fall on Monday, March 9, the price of Bitcoin rose slightly to $ 7,950. According to experts, this may be a temporary phenomenon. Under such conditions, cryptocurrencies have shown their dependence

March 12, 2020

Coronacoin: A Promising Currency or an Unsuccessful Joke of Developers?

The international community was discouraged by the news of the emergence of a new cryptocurrency – Coronacoin. This is probably the most perverted thing that could only have been invented in the context of the spread of new outbreaks of a pandemic that has already taken the lives of several thousand people. This cryptocurrency has a remarkable feature: its price rises with an increase in the number of coronavirus victims.  Coronacoin: a game with death Now the Coronavirus keeps the whole world in fear. Having appeared in Wuhan, the virus quickly spread to other countries, despite the stringent security measures

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