March 11, 2020

How To Pay Via Crypto?

Paying with Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies have taken over the world since they were introduced. They have been making their way into every possible avenue.  They have changed the way traditional payments take place. Since technology has taken over every aspect of today’s world, it’s safe to say that the technological revolution has transformed payment methods as well. Instead of credit, debit or cash, cryptocurrencies can be involved in buying services or goods. Digital currencies are now being relied on for payment. Mobile wallets, cryptocurrency debit cards, and QR codes are essential assets of digital payment.  The thing is, when there’s too

March 10, 2020

“Backstage battles”: Former CEO of XRP Sells All of The Owned Ripple Assets Due to Constant Harassment

The Ripple community was discouraged by the news of Tiffany Hayden’s refusal to continue working with XRP digital currency. The former CEO of XRP explained her decision by saying that she is experiencing constant hostile attacks from Ripple supporters. As a result, Tiffany Hayden decided to sell all of her XRP assets and exit the Ripple community.  Why did Tiffany Hayden decide to abandon XRP? In the cryptocurrency market, many communities have formed that are grouped around a blockchain. Some of them have “strained”, hostile relations with their participants. A very striking example of inciting conflict within the community is

March 10, 2020

Bitcoin Price Stabilization: Can We Talk About The Final Cessation Of The Fall?

The Bitcoin exchange rate continues to fluctuate. Investors’ interest in the most popular cryptocurrency does not subside. Financial experts give positive forecasts for the recovery of Bitcoin prices after a recent fall. But the question remains open: when to expect Bitcoin bull run? Bitcoin rate “revived” in early March In February, the fluctuation of Bitcoin seriously worried the participants of the cryptocurrency market. On February 20, the BTC price began to fall and crossed the line below 10 thousand US dollars. This situation caused a mixed reaction among investors. In early March, the most sought-after digital asset grew by 2%

March 10, 2020

The Number of People Who Use Crypto Can Increase To 50 Billions

Cryptocurrency can soon attract large flows of new users and reach a new level of development. It is reported Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange CEO Brian Armstrong. On his Twitter, he shared his observations on what causes could be a powerful impetus for the massive increase in users of digital assets. Armstrong drew a parallel between the spread of the Internet and cryptocurrency. He highlighted some similarities that may indicate that cryptocurrency may repeat the “path of popularization” of the Internet. Although Armstrong does not yet give an exact definition of which cryptocurrency will be able to increase the number of users

March 6, 2020

The Mining Farm Installed by Atlas Holding Consumes About 15 MW of 115 MW The Capacity Plant Produces

The power plant, in the Finger Lake District (New York State), is mining Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It brings about $ 50,000 every day. Business management, according to data from Bloomberg, is a private investment company Atlas Holding LLC. Over the past few months, about 7 thousand devices have been installed at the Greenidge Generation power plant. They can produce 5.5 BTC per day. It was revealed, that initially the enterprise, which began its activities in 1937, operated on coal, then switched to natural gas. Employees of Greenidge Generation Miners consume unused electricity, because of which the company could significantly reduce costs.

March 6, 2020

Expert: Bitcoin Repeats The Behavior Model For December 2019, When The Price Fell Below $ 7,000

The global financial market almost daily faces new challenges associated with the spread of coronavirus and forcing the general situation. The last two weeks have become an indicator of the negative forecasts that have been in the air before. The Bitcoin exchange rate fell to $ 8,400. At the same time, US stocks plummeted and triggered a stir on the stock exchanges. Yesterday, March 5, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 2.6%. Analyzing the current situation, experts note that Bitcoin remains viable, it has powerful resources to restore its position. Bitcoin repeats December 2019 behavior model It is important to

March 5, 2020

Whales that have accumulated bitcoins in 2018 are sitting pretty

According to Hodlwaves from Unchained Capital, which determines the speed of bitcoins circulating by forecasting the outcome of unspent bitcoin transactions (UXTO), 41.6% of BTC transfers were carried over the last year. Coins, which languished in the direction of three to five years, account for 14.4% of the combined size of supplies of BTC. More than 21% of Bitcoin’s have not been carried forward since 2015. Bitcoins that have not moved in the direction of 2 years account for 42% – this is the highest threshold since June 2017. Short-term holding decreases since 2017 Since June 2017, the short-term speed

March 5, 2020

Two Lower Boundaries Protect Bitcoin From a Devastating Fall

We can already observe the first negative consequences that the global economy has received as a result of the spread of coronavirus. In particular, this negatively affected the Bitcoin exchange rate, which for several weeks in a row has maintained a downward trend. The question arises: how low can the price of Bitcoin fall? Analyzing this situation, one of the analysts notes that Bitcoin can maintain a good position in the conditions if it does not go beyond the two lower boundaries from the current level. If the price falls below one of these boundaries, the viability of Bitcoin will

March 5, 2020

Dogecoin Has Finally Entered The So-Called Super League

This fast-growing cryptocurrency is currently listed by the leading Huobi exchange. The announcement was made by an exchange veteran through an official statement. The exchange will list three main pairs of coins, including Doge Bitcoin, Doge Ethereum, and Doge Tether. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that Dogecoin is his number one cryptocoin. Palmer came to the rescue of Mask some time ago when he had to respond to Twitter fraud. He tweeted that Dogecoin is his favorite coin since the discussion about the election of the crypto president began. Palmer has since disowned any role in the virtual coin. In

March 5, 2020

The US Federal Reserve Has Lowered Emergency Rates: How Will This Affect The Economy And Bitcoin?

he upcoming halving of Bitcoin is causing a mixed reaction in the cryptocurrency community. The situation is heated up by by the fact that it is impossible to accurately predict how the split of Bitcoin into two in May 2020 will affect the cryptocurrency market. The Bitcoin early bull is a highly anticipated process and some countries are already taking measures aimed at regulating digital currencies. In particular, the US government was one of the first to respond to the upcoming halving of Bitcoin. At the initiative of the Federal Reserve, emergency rates were reduced by basis 50 points. These

March 4, 2020

Cryptocurrency Security At Risk: KPMG Market Assessment

Analyzing the situation in the cryptocurrency market, the audit company KPMG reported on the need to strengthen the protection of digital assets from fraudulent activities. This statement was addressed to Bloomberg. KPMG experts believe that the cryptocurrency market has the opportunity to achieve a turnover of $ 245 billion, provided that measures are taken to improve data security. Every year, cryptocurrency shows high rates of involvement of investors, entrepreneurs, traders. But it is worth considering that the question of fraudulent actions in this market remains an acute issue. The measures taken to date do not guarantee the complete security of

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