November 4, 2019

Bitcoin Cost Is Approximately $9K But What If To Arise Again?

Bitcoin price is trying to do all the best to be higher than the $9,300 and $9,400 resistances contrary to the USD. Price is dealing at a level higher the key $9,000 and $8.960 support levels. There was a break under a linking bullish trend line with support near $9,240 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. Analysis Of Bitcoin Cost This previous week, bitcoin heightened persistently above the $9,200 and $9,300 opposition levels against the USD. BTC even traded above the $9,350 opposition area and the 100 hourly ordinary moving medium. Nevertheless, the cost is going to break

November 1, 2019

BitMEX to Leak Users’ Emails, Crypto-community Raise Security Concerns

BitMEX to face a serious scandal. All users’ emails were leaked accidentally, as exchange employers forgot to use blind copy (bcc) by sending another mass email.  Currently, all users, crypto traders, and other influencers on Twitter discuss the recent situation that emerged with BitMEX. Jake Chervinsky was one of those, who raised concerns on Twitter by posting his tweet. Other Twitter users also pointed out that the recent situation is only dangerous for all BitMEX users, but can continue in other forms.  The CEO of Binance immediately responded by stating that their team has already sent emails to users, so

November 1, 2019

Mental Traps for Crypto Traders

Being a cryptocurrency trader is not an easy activity. People cannot handle the pressure. Therefore, most traders cannot foresee obvious traps. Common Traps for Entry-Level Cryptocurrency Traders Trading is rather hard work, requiring knowledge, practice, patience, discipline, psychological stability, and the constant pursuit of the trading system. Why is it not so simple, and why bind yourself with a trading system, plunge into the jungle of technical analysis, keep a journal of operations, learn to manage emotions? The fact is that the market is influenced by many variables, which no trader can take into account in their work. And in

October 31, 2019

Financial System Can Not See Cryptos Deflationary Impact

William Peets, who is an investment strategist, indicated on an extensively underestimating of the deflationary influence of Bitcoin and blockchain. In conversation with Real Vision Finance from October 30, he said that blockchain is a generational shift in technology with substantial consequences for the nowadays financial system. It’s recognizing is going very slow. Elimination macro disequilibrium As Peets said, finance is ready for destruction by crypto and blockchain. The application of the technology will eat the monopoly power of traditional financial services incumbents: “Security issuance, tokenization of real assets, trading of those assets, custody can be done more effectively with

October 30, 2019

Crypto-Vocabulary or Fifteen Essential Terms for All Crypto Traders

If you are looking to become a cryptocurrency trader, then you have to enlarge your vocabulary. Discover new terms and words from crypto trading. Must-Learn: Fifteen Essential Terms for All Crypto Traders Many words in crypto trading seem to be entirely incomprehensible, as if from a different language. Partly it is. To learn to understand other traders and their tips, remember these 15 main terms from the world of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain This word can be heard in any discussion of cryptocurrency. Blockchain is the foundation of any digital currency. In fact, this is a public electronic registry in which all

October 29, 2019

The Future of Digital Finance through Ethereum Development

Ethereum positioned itself as something large-scale, on a par with ‘the world computer,’ but at the moment, the situation is such that it still needs to be defended. This was a rather loud statement from a relatively young platform, but Ethereum is moving in the right direction, and very soon, we will be able to call this structure the “World Bank,” all thanks to the improvement and modernization of the consensus mechanism and decentralized financing. Predicting Ethereum’s Future Position More recently, Binance Research presented its report, which analyzed the mechanism of consensus of evidence of rates (PoS) on the occasion

October 28, 2019

Cryptocurrency Trading Mistakes That All Traders Do

Find out how many issues you may face when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. This small guide describes the most common mistakes of all traders. The Worst Missteps for Cryptocurrency Traders Bitcoin and altcoins can enrich the trader or ruin him. Most often, beginners make the same mistakes that prevent the user from making money. Even experienced professionals who continuously analyze the market and their actions can periodically lose money without understanding the reason. What are these crypto traders’ mistakes and how to avoid them? The mistakes as neglecting trends, incorrect use of technical analysis, and high expectations are usually

October 26, 2019

A huge amount of $ 11 Trillion Bitcoin has been through the blockchain since 2009

Just think about this amount! Since the start of the blockchain, that is, since 2009, an amount of 11 trillion dollars has passed through it. These figures surprised us with recent calculations and analysis of the sphere of trading. Bitcoin continues to evolve On October 24, an analyst with this specific specificity, PlanB, shared the following statistics on his social networks: about $ 9.6 billion passes through the daily blockchain network. Based on such statistical reports, we can conclude that Bitcoin transfers the annual volume of PayPal transactions – 578 billion dollars for 2018. And such a figure arises in

October 25, 2019

Crypto Trading Traps or How to Avoid Typical Mistakes

The Mistakes that Make Cryptocurrency Traders Panic The crypto-hysteria of the end of last year turned Bitcoin into a synonym for rapid enrichment. However, these expectations, not supported by an understanding of the market, knowledge of at least the basics of trading, and the correct entry point, were doomed to failure. Binaryx has compiled stories of unsuccessful traders and tells how not to repeat their mistakes. Traders do not research the market and cryptocurrencies Novice traders come to the “tabula rasa” cryptocurrencies with a “clean mind,” without understanding the context and internal mechanisms of the market, often even without experience

October 24, 2019

Will Cryptocurrency Become Cybersecurity’s Next Big Threat?

Over the years, there have been many high-profile hacks on cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of these hacks can cost an exchange a billion dollars. When people hear these kinds of headlines online or on the news, they stop investing in cryptocurrency and thus don’t realize their ambition. In addition, the fear of losing their investments instantaneously to hackers puts them off. As a result, they stick with property, shares, and stocks. Then, to some extent, cryptocurrency is somewhat of a risk or threat to cybersecurity. It is because people cannot hide from these kinds of headlines and numbers.  However, there are

October 23, 2019

BTC Price Stuck Under $8,100 – Crypto Markets Became Red

Bitcoin could not impress with an unexpected decline under the $8,100 per coin. Red candlesticks are in Crypto markets now, – news from 22 October. Recently Bitcoin price fell below $8,100 per coin, while during most of the day it was above the $8,200 price mark. The biggest cryptocurrency traded at an intraday high at the point of $8,300, before losing position towards its current $8,040 price mark. BTC is announced at about deprivation approximately 2% in the last 24 hours. Another time, Bitcoin tried to become higher than the $8,300 price just because of withstanding prompt denial. According to

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