January 10, 2020

China And Future Strict Financial Rules

The renewal will make nine consequential amendments concerning leasing services and other options of financial actions. This time, the community has brought up Bitcoin and its features to be used without borders along with such new rules. The updated version of the Chinese central bank’s personal credit report was recently shared by local inform agencies. The research center has been working on its updated version since the end of 2019. The previous version of the report demanded only short personal data, which wasn’t sufficient to battle credit fraud. Innovative approach should fix this by fully displaying education, work positions, and

January 10, 2020

Garlinghouse is manipulating the crypto market by selling XRP – Adam Back

CEO of Ripple Lies About XRP to Buy Bitcoins Ripple’s CEO does not believe in its own product, says Blockstream CEO Adam Beck. According to him, Brad Garlinghouse is selling XRP tokens in order to accumulate Bitcoin. “He’s probably a supporter of Bitcoin and maybe even buys it with the money raised from selling XRP to retail investors,” Back wrote in his Twitter account. Criticism of Ripple also came from the analyst of The Block, Larry Chermak. He called the words of Garlinghouse that the company could not control the price of XRP, a lie. “Almost everything that Brad Garlinghouse

January 9, 2020

Why You Should Not Underestimate Ethereum

The rate of growth of Ethereum can be seen in an increased percentage of unique addresses created daily. The network is showing mid-2019 levels, but the cost of ETH is down by approximately two times since then. In June 2019, the cost of the Ethereum was fluctuating at around $300. Still, its network rise was varying from 100 to 150 thousand of unique addresses per day. Half a year later, ETH is at $140 per coin, and the network is continuing growth firmly at just over 100 thousand addresses every day. What do we see? Very obviously, Ethereum is undervalued.

January 9, 2020

Famous Cryptocurrency Influencers and People in 2019 – PART II

Top People for Crypto Industry in 2019 Now, we are going to share more information. Here we go. Mark Zuckerberg & David Marcus One of the main topics of this year not only in the world of digital currencies but also in the global news agenda was the Facebook statement on the launch of the “stable global cryptocurrency Libra.” At the same time, the company introduced the Calibra mobile wallet, which should allow sending Libra tokens via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It has not yet been possible to convince the authorities and central banks of the security of launching Libra. 

January 9, 2020

Famous Cryptocurrency Influencers and People in 2019 – PART I

Top People for Crypto Industry in 2019 2019 may be remembered as one of the most controversial for the industry. The long-awaited ‘To The Moon’ never happened, regulators began to monitor what was happening on the market even more closely, forecasts of bitcoin prices became more and more ambiguous, and a wave of layoffs covered startups. At the same time, the crypto industry has become more transparent, exchanges began to struggle with fake trading volumes, and developers continued to work on improving protocols and eliminating vulnerabilities. Also, institutions have really started to invest more in bitcoin, and politicians have even

January 8, 2020

Bitcoin to Hit $20,000 in 2020 – Confirmed by Vital Indicator

Crucial Indicator Shows Bitcoin Price 250% Higher in 2020 This year has begun for Bitcoin in the best way. Professional traders and analysts confirm that the BTC price may reach new high-levels, as well-built and expert indicators support this point of view. According to a recent analysis, the BTC could hit the $20,000 level, as it hits crossroads with a bias-demonstrating indicator. The criterion digital currency’s recent move upward caused it to re-confirm its twenty-weekly moving average today. Moreover, as regards the current indicator, it demonstrates a real situation to delineate long-terms trends of BTC. When the digital currency breaks

January 8, 2020

XRP to Hit $224 in 2020?

Presently, XRP has some features which can be as proof of the soonest rallying over 100,000% to $224. According to information from @Crypto_Bitlord (Twitter), Bitlord, as famous analyst showings some forecast. Supporters of the XRP crypto endorsed it with big excitement and lots of likes – as a result, such sensationalist tweet became crypto-viral. Numbers Suggest. But Will It Be Possible? Despite that many believers in the XRP currency have hopes in this forecast, it seems unreasonable from the point of strict numbers. At this moment, the cryptocurrency has a circulating supply of 43,366,238,611 tokens or a liquid supply of

January 8, 2020

The Primary Reasons Why Bitcoin Hits $8,300 and Continues to Grow

What Were the Catalysts that Shot Bitcoin Price 15% Higher? Since the last days of December, Bitcoin is showing many signs of another massive bull run. Many traders and experts believe that the main digital currency of the world is ready to hit new high-levels. Now, after investors have seen the confirmation of that move, the crypto community expects to see even better numbers in terms of the BTC price. Moreover, the leading experts of the market research industry confirm that the recent BTC price surge is not a coincidence, as it has many factors to support such a grow

January 7, 2020

The Chinese Crypto Addiction

The central government of China is interested in having own sovereign crypto. That is why major banks started to make a study about the numeric currency which will be operated by politicians in the nearest future. People’s Bank of China continues working on the elaboration, but without any official speech about the launching and exact day of it. The fact remains to be – the digital currency soon will be national in China. The previous year, Facebook already had a similar idea with the numeric coin Libra. However, Libra didn’t get well-wishing encouragement from the banks and authorities from all

January 7, 2020

Ripple – We Can’t Regulate XRP Price These Days

While XRP is increasing its value on the cryptocurrency market, the CEO of Ripple, Brad Harlinghouse, noted that the company is not seeking an opportunity to dump the price. Even the recent series of major sell-offs over a couple of hours. Brad explained once more how Ripple does control the price and what to expect in 2020. For instance, he pointed out that Ripple, as a major owner of digital XRP coins, is not interested in decreasing its value. Moreover, the primary target of the company is to build a robust ecosystem that will be based on XRP.  Any accusations

January 6, 2020

Bitcoin May Break The $9,000 Level Soon – Su Zhu

This month can take place in the history of the crypto market because of a favorable position and marks of Bitcoin, which will be able to cause a considerable breakout. Recently, such an opinion was spoken by the CEO of the cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital. He also added, that supposes it because of the BTC’s last price movement, which shows clear signs of stockpiling. Moreover, Zhu reasons Bitcoin’s pair with the firm coin USDT is evaluated with the extra charge when compared to BTC’s tandem with the US dollar. This can be a sign of entering traders into

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