January 28, 2020

Not Gold Yet, But Valuable Now – Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin Price Analysis – Shines Bright But Not Like a Gold So, at the moment, the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has crossed the cost threshold of $ 8700 thousand, which means that its price by the end has increased by 3% since this Monday. It is also worth noting the fact that altcoins stopped in the green zone, i.e., are in the same position on the pricing chart. Equally important, bitcoin forks such as Bitcoin Cash (+ 15%), Bitcoin SV (+ 8%), Bitcoin Gold (+ 14%), and Bitcoin Diamond (+ 11%) have also shown impressive growth since the beginning of

January 28, 2020

Deutsche Bank Changes Its Opinion on Cryptocurrencies and Fiat

Deutsche Bank Research issues three reports on the future of payments Of course, it is difficult to ignore the fact that cryptocurrency has already taken a reasonably stable position in everyday life. With its development, we are already actively using digital cash as a payment method. On the other hand, there is an opinion that traditional money will not disappear shortly. For example, the largest bank in Germany, which, in turn, predicted the complete disappearance of fiat funds and replacing them with digital ones by 2030, changed its mind by 180 degrees. But despite all this, the position of the

January 28, 2020

Bitcoin Price Forecast – To Buy or Not to Buy?

Soon, the Bitcoin exchange rate may rise to $ 9,200, suggested Omkar Godbole, an analyst at Coindesk. According to him, the price of a coin for growth needs to overcome two levels of resistance. The first of them is local, located at around $ 8800, and the second is expressed by a 200-day moving average, passing at $ 9000, the expert is sure. He added that in favor of the long-term rise in the price of Bitcoin, the MACD histogram speaks. Its indicator for the first time since August rose above zero, which signals a change in a downtrend to

January 27, 2020

The growth of digital assets in third world countries

A breeding ground of cryptocurrency activity Recently, we can highlight the fact that in some countries of the third world, namely in Venezuela and Hong Kong, the volume of trade in bitcoins has significantly increased. The reasons for this progress can be, for example, a decrease in total foreign exchange trading, and people’s desire to invest in stable assets. The same situation can be noted in South America. As you remember, the Venezuelan crisis, which began back in 2019, received fairly widespread press coverage, impossible to overestimate. The essence of the problem was that as a result of the riots

January 27, 2020

Justin Sun: a Successful Founder or Crypto Scammer?

From the moment of its appearance, the Tron platform and its founder Justin Sun have occupied a considerable place in the news agenda of the entire cryptocurrency industry. This happens both for completely justified reasons, such as major technological releases or significant acquisitions, and for more controversial reasons, which are clearly not lacking around the figure of a Chinese entrepreneur. Nevertheless, even if Justin Sun himself does not say this out loud, there may be something more behind. The recent multimillion-dollar purchases of technology startups than it seems at first glance and a more careful analysis of the business empire

January 27, 2020

How did BTG survive two 51% attacks?

BTG: Two 51% attacks in six hours So what is a 51% attack? A similar situation occurs when one object or group holds most of the hash power that provides the blockchain. This position is primarily distinguished by the fact that it allows you to control the confirmation of new transactions and the ability to cancel completed transactions, which allows you to double the consumption of coins. More information about the 51% attack you can find here. Consider what happened in more detail. 18:00 GMT on January 23, the first attack was made, as a result of which 14 blocks

January 27, 2020

Coronavirus and Bitcoin Price — How it May Affect the Crypto Prices

The new coronavirus is spreading in China and Asian countries, at the moment they have already infected 630 people. Several Chinese cities are quarantined. A possible epidemic may affect the value of various assets. For example, according to Goldman Sachs analysts, the cost of Brent crude oil will drop by almost $ 3 due to the cancellation of some flights at some airports. Recently, there are more and more opinions that Bitcoin is beginning to fulfill the functions of a “protective asset.” This means that cryptocurrency is growing in value during global shocks. When it rose sharply at the beginning

January 26, 2020

The Proper Age of Investing in Bitcoin: How Old Do You Have To Be For Using Crypto?

How old do I need to be for Buying BTC Over the 10 years of its existence, the cryptocurrency business has shown quite fast, high-quality and efficient growth. At the moment, it is difficult to disagree with the fact that a large part of the population around the world is already familiar with this type of business. An important “but” can be considered only the fact that, nevertheless, the main target audience for mining is the generation of Millenials, which means that the youngest potential miner is now about 16 years old. So how old should a person who wants

January 25, 2020

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Is Technical Analysis Applicable?

Technical analysis is a set of tools with which you can predict how the price of an asset will change in the future. Its schedule is considered to identify patterns in the form of figures, and by the volume of trading, you can determine who dominates the market: sellers or buyers. For example, on December 19, trader and analyst Peter Brandt correctly predicted the beginning of an uptrend in the Bitcoin exchange rate. He drew his conclusion based on the fact that the price of the coin pushed off from the historical level of support formed in 2015. However, the

January 24, 2020

Fear of Mining ‘Death Spiral’ Blocks Path to $100,000 Bitcoin

Bitcoin Halving Won’t Cause Mining ‘Death Spiral’ Without any doubt, we can say that such a development model is possible since the offer of the main digital currency of the XXI century will fall to 6.25 BTC. Considering the process in more detail, we understand that the network automatically regulates the extraction of coins every year, when the hash rate of the network decreases, miners get the opportunity to play BTC with less difficulty. In the opposite situation, when a cryptocurrency asset rises in price, the level of mining difficulty increases. In this case, if this mining is stopped, Bitcoin

January 24, 2020

Tether Launches Gold-Backed Crypto, Crypto Members Raise Doubts

Tether Gold Launches on Tron and Ethereum Crypto Networks A golden digital token – with such a rather controversial launch, that is how Tether decided to start 2020. We can call this release controversial, if only because of the company’s foreign policy, namely because of the lack of transparency for its users. Let’s just say that even a novice trader should think about working with Tether, given some details of their activities last year. The following question arises: will potential buyers trust such a digital asset from Tether? Tether Gold reinforces its tokens with physical gold stored in a Swiss

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