January 6, 2020

The Bitcoin Industry in 10 Years – What to Expect?

The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, has shared his opinions and thoughts regarding the digital currency industry. Namely, his main intention was to show what will happen with Bitcoin and how it will affect other industries. Previously, he also posted an article with an analysis of a decade. In his opinion, developers will be able to solve the problem of scaling and limited privacy in public blockchains. The ability to scale will lead to the emergence of new applications and new products, and privacy features will be introduced into the blockchains at a basic level by analogy with HTTPS. As

January 3, 2020

Cryptocurrency Regulations – The Changes All Over the World in 2019

Crypto Regulations in 2019 – The Changes & The Progress The global trend towards tighter regulation and deanonymization of cryptocurrency transactions continues. Supranational organizations are introducing new rules that often contradict the very nature of cryptocurrencies. It inevitably affects the regulatory environment in individual countries. For example, the Anti-Money Laundering Development Group (FATF) obliged bitcoin exchanges and other cryptocurrency service providers to comply with anti-money laundering and terrorist financing measures similar to traditional financial companies. From June next year, member countries of this organization must ensure that local crypto exchanges exchange user data, including information about the sender, recipient, and

January 3, 2020

Getting Financial Reports With SEC From Telegram – Impracticable Desire

The question between Telegram – the famous messaging platform with encoded data and the US Securities and Exchange Commission turns to be with different ”mood”. Telegram firmly rejected to open financial documentation concerning its ICO from two years ago, which the market regulator requested lately. Telegram Aims To Be Private The famous company always attracts attention to itself. This time it happened especially – after raising more a billion dollars in two token sellings in 2018 for the launching of its Telegram Open Network blockchain. The SEC had a quick reaction on it and temporarily ceased the token sale, noted

January 2, 2020

Cryptocurrency Mining – The 2019 Analysis

Cryptocurrency Mining – Interesting Facts to Know According to a study by CoinShares, the share of Chinese miners in hashrate in 2019 rose to 65% – the highest level in two years during which it has been observing. At the same time, 54% of computing power is located in Sichuan. However, the trend of the year was the development of large mining projects outside of China, primarily in the United States. The Hashrate Stats of 2019 The steady increase in the hashrate of the Bitcoin network continued throughout almost the entire year. In October, the figure hit a historic high

January 2, 2020

A bit of discussion about the development of Bitcoin

We can say that Bitcoin is, deservedly, the most popular and best-selling product of 2019. That’s right because cryptocurrency indicators currently show growth of about 90% per year. That is why Bitcoin can be recognized as the number one cryptocurrency in the world. Speaking about volatility, it is worth noting its positive growth, this can be judged, for example, by such statistics: 150 days in 2019 showed gains or losses of less than 1%. Let us dwell on volatility since this indicator of cryptocurrency should be given special attention in this particular case. It is worth emphasizing the fact that

December 31, 2019

Bitcoin is Ready to Jump Again: Is $10k The Next Target?

Bitcoin: Steady & Ready to Jump As $10,000 The First Target It is not even 2020 but Bitcoin still cannot leave crypto fans and enthusiasts with a calm mind. Although Bitcoin does not show any strong signs of increasing its value rapidly, most traders and analysts strongly support the bullish trend in the upcoming days. Recently, the price indicated a solid rejection at $7,500 level, as well as it dropped to $7,200. It is worth mentioning that such a bearish downtrend was possible amid bullish support from leading analysts. Top cryptocurrency traders continue to support the idea that a bullish

December 30, 2019

XRP: The 2019 Outcomes and 2020 Prospects

The 2019 season for some altcoins is not the best year. Many investors and traders could not get positive outcomes amid various moves on the crypto market. One of the main altcoins, XRP, is remaining in focus. The company’s project has several advantages for the banking industry.  However, the performance of its altcoin has many questions to discuss. In comparison to the Bitcoin price, XRP and Ethereum lost significant numbers in terms of value. For example, according to the crypto market stats, XRP managed to drop by 47%.  Although many altcoins have performed terribly in 2019, leading analysts and experts

December 30, 2019

Bitcoin Price At Fateful Moment – The Comprehensive Review

During the past six months, Bitcoin has been undergone a sharp downtrend, with the cost of the high-end cryptocurrency decreasing by 50%, and even more, from the $14,000 high mark set in June. Different players on the crypto market are waiting for various news. For example, ex-Wall Street trader Tone Vays recently specified that $5,000 is in the cards — the primary indicator which signalizes when assets gain turning points have just flipped bullish. This means that a comeback to a bull phase for Bitcoin might be already on the horizon. Why Not Alter Trend On Horizon – Proposes Bitcoin

December 27, 2019

Crypto Community Panic as Youtube Bans Crypto Content

Youtube Banned Crypto Content as Community Raised Concerns It was hard not to mention the sparks in the community related to the Youtube Crypto ban. For many years since the cryptocurrency adoption, this popular and giant platform was the best place for analysts, traders, enthusiasts, and influencers to discuss, as well as promote cryptocurrencies.  Impossible to count how many people boosted their channels by switching their content towards the digital currency reviews, interviews, or shows. And now, the series of bans occurred on Youtube, as major channel owners ignited the crypto community and raised countless discussions. Interesting to mention that

December 27, 2019

Bitcoin $14k Signal May Confirm Another Bull Run

Bitcoin Price Signal – Another Positive Bull Run? It is not a secret that nowadays, news and information can affect the market. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, the community is always reacting very fast. The best reactions occur from Twitter, or as many have named it – Crypto Twitter. The recent drop and an instant surge of the Bitcoin price is still the main topic for discussions.  While members of the community try to predict the future price movement, others manipulate the market by creating dreadful terms. For instance, the recent term that makes investors and cryptocurrency hodlers feel the

December 26, 2019

Ethereum: High Tensions Around Vitalik Buterin Decision to Sell 90,000 ETH

It seems like Vitalik Buterin cannot imagine his activity without not being in the spotlight. Every week, the Canadian-Russian founder of Ethereum is on the focus. Regardless of the platform, it can be Twitter, and it can be an interview or something else, VB manages to drive the community instantly. And here is another cryptocurrency scandal that involves his project.  According to Etherscan, while Santa was trying to do his job by giving presents, an amount of 92,000 ETH ($11,551,520,00) was received the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken (US) from a single wallet. The transaction was completed on December 25. It Must

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